Queen Elizabeth Makes Rare Donation for Ukrainian Refugees

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Queen Elizabeth II has shown her support for Ukrainian refugees by making a rare donation.

The Monarchs of Britain have not publicly commented on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the British Charitable Disaster Emergency Commission today announced that His Majesty has donated a “generous” fund.

“Thanks to Her Majesty for her continued support for the Disaster Emergency Commission and for her generous donations to the DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal,” the group wrote on Twitter.Buckingham Palace Sun The Queen made a donation through a private equity fund, but did not disclose the amount she gave.

The DEC, which consists of 15 member charities specializing in various areas of humanitarian aid, gather to raise funds in the event of an overseas crisis. This organization will use the funds raised for Ukrainian humanitarian aid for groups working with refugees in Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania.

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The queen, who is usually bound by the neutrality of political affairs, Postponing diplomatic events This was scheduled to take place at Windsor Castle on March 2, after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“The Queen accepted the Foreign Minister’s advice that the diplomatic reception in Windsor on Wednesday, March 2, should be postponed,” a statement from Buckingham Palace read at the time.

This decision was made on the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom. Monarch’s COVID-19 diagnosis, I understand.

The Queen has not commented on the war, but other members of the royal family Prince Harry and the Duchess of MeganBlame the attack.

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