Queen Elizabeth May Never Live at Buckingham Palace Again

Queen Elizabeth Completely done at Buckingham Palace.. According to some illustrious new sources from royal sources, His Majesty is unlikely to return to the royal family’s most famous home forever, instead relaxing at Windsor Castle, where he has lived for the past two years since the pandemic began. prize.

The Sunday Times A spokesman for Buckingham Palace was the first to report this news, without confirming or denying anything, but the huge building is still there. Technically It will be the center of the monarchy.

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Apparently the Queen “has come to like life in the castle,” explained royal writer Hugo Vickers. “Windsor is the place she loves. She has memories with Prince Phillip, and Pony and her family are nearby. That makes sense.”

in the meantime, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Camilla will move to Buckingham Palace in Room 775 after Charles becomes King.Source tells Daily mail He “has a firm view that it is a visible symbol of the monarchy of the capital of the country and therefore must be his home.”

“Prince of Wales does not move to Buckingham Palace before becoming king, but when he does, he will definitely do,” Source explained. “Like the Queen, it’s effectively in the” flat above the store. ” He feels right to work at Buckingham Palace, just like the Queen. The palace is still a functional and fun hub and is open to visitors. It is a very important tourist attraction. But the prince can live there at the same time, just like the publicly open high gloves. “

TBH, Charles isn’t the only one in action when he becomes king. Find out where the rest of the royal family are moving down.

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