Real Mad Men: The Latest Episodes

Increasing waves of most forms of violence and harassment against women place a heavy burden on medical services around the world.

The Southern Poverty Law Center The internet says, “Hundreds of websites, blogs, forums, and women, especially dedicated to barbaric feminists, and very typically American women, in general … they are almost all amazed by the hatred of guttural. They express that they are thick with possible misogyny attacks. ”

As Covid 19 surges in the United States and around the world, a “shadow pandemic,” or domestic violence, is expanding accordingly. And, according to the pandemic, “confinement contributes to the tensions and tensions caused by safety, health, and money concerns.” UN woman Report.. “And we are increasing the isolation of women with violent partners and separating them from the people and resources that help them most. The COVID-19 cases continue to burden medical services, so at home. Important services such as violence shelters and helplines have reached capacity. ”

On August 10, 2020, researchers at the University of Tulane Survey Discovered that the virus caused a huge surge in domestic violence. Of the women surveyed, 59% of those who experienced violence before the pandemic reported the spread of violence.

On July 19, when a 20-year-old man opened the front door of his family’s house, a lawyer who was openly equating with an anti-feminist group shot and killed the son of a federal judge in New Jersey. According to the list found on his body after he shot himself, the shooter’s main target was Judge Esther Salas. Shooter Den Hollander described himself as an “anti-feminist” and published a blog post in 2006 claiming that women were inferior to men and that they were physically violent against women. In one post, he said, “Women should be tied to missiles and dropped into the Middle East.”

On October 8, 2020, the FBI arrested 13 men who were planning to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and in mid-August, a teenage girl in Dallas, Georgia, was in high school. I posted a photo of the crowded corridor. Children wearing her mask, she was threatened online. Hannah Watters told CNN that these threats “jump all girls named Hannah in grade 10” and “Hannah spends a tough day at school on Monday.”

On the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez approached from a family member in mid-July. Ocasio Cortez reported that Florida Parliamentarian Ted Yoho insulted her. He called me from my heart. And he called me dangerous. She also said, “There was a reporter in front of the Capitol, and there was a phone call from Congressman Yoho in front of the reporter. To quote,” f ***** g bitch. ” “”

Mad Men seems to be Mad Men. There is growing belief in our culture that men are totally weakened by women and their voices are doubling their resistance to women’s new ambitions. Perhaps the most extreme statement of male madness comes from former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump.As an editor of the alt-right website BreitbartHe published an anti-feminist article: Did you rather have your child have feminism or cancer? I once complained to journalists. “The anti-patriarchal movement is … a powerful political force that restores the 10,000-year-old history. You see. The time has come. Women are in charge of society. It will be the same in the future. there is no.”

Moreover, MIT Technology review Report “Men from the less extreme end of the misogyny spectrum are flowing towards groups that support violence against women.” Binghamton University, Illinois University Urbana Champaign, University College London, Boston University, Maxplank Information Studies “Online platforms are increasingly being used to disseminate hatred, misogyny, and weaponized information, repeatedly associated with radicalization, and violent events in the real world,” said researchers. Is connected to. ” Technical review “It’s true that not only are older, less violent groups disappearing, but … it seems that membership in younger, more toxic communities is skyrocketing.”

In fact, many who are worried about men and boys today are male psychologists. One of them is Dr. William Pollack of Harvard Medical School, who wrote about it in his book. Real Boys: “boy COde is a social definition of what it means to be a boy and requires the boy to suppress or conceal his emotions. As a result, boys develop “masculinity masks” to hide shame, vulnerabilities, and other emotions that cannot be expressed publicly. The inability to show true emotions stiffens the boy until he eventually loses contact with them. Pollack also writes that today’s boys are “only allowed to live half of their emotional life.”

Mad Men seems to have been born as a boy, but how does society deal with the rise in angry men? The American Psychological Association suggests: “Thanks to the mask of masculinity, we need to dismantle the boxes that are trapping too many boys. We challenge and interfere with all forms of abuse, with abusive attitudes, beliefs and actions. We must foster a spirit of fellow culture that motivates everyone to help create an environment that is considered unacceptable, uncool, and unwelcome.

Michael T. Schmitt and Jennifer Spoor, psychologists at the University of Queensland, Australia, said that men focus on the benefits women have achieved over the last 50 years. anxietyAnd unique strong identification sex.. They tend to go around wagons and exaggerate how far women have come and how far men have fallen. This reaction can easily lead to hostility. But if men instead focus on all the discrimination women face in the workplace, women are much less likely to be anxious and more likely to take root in their success. increase.

In fact, cheering for women can bring significant benefits to men. As a future manager responsible for hiring, dismissing and promotion, men need to fully understand how important women are to the soundness of the company’s bottom line. Deloitte and McKinsey Report Companies with a significant number of women in management many Higher rate of return on investment than companies lagging behind in this regard.

We are more for law enforcement on how to deal with online threats to women, a society-wide effort to avoid paying the fee that boys always have to wear masculinity masks. Requires more training and more scrutiny by web platforms to remove threats. There is also a need for an “early analysis of when and how men’s rights are radicalized.” Jeremy BlackburnAssociate Professor at Binghamton University.

Lowering the temperature raised by Mad Men is good for the physical and mental health of everyone, including men, women and children.

About the Author: Dr. Rosalind C. Burnett is a senior scholar at Wellesley College and Caryl Rivers is a professor of journalism at Boston University.They are the authors of New soft war against women.. (Turcher / Penguins.)

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