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The best summer ever Here to stay

The actual summer camp for people with disabilities will be held earlier this year Reel Abilities A film festival that screens films featuring people with disabilities around the world. The best summer ever * Served as the opening night film on April 29thth, Sage, a character played by Shannon David. Sage joins a dance summer camp where she meets Tony, played by Ricky Alexander Wilson, and begins her teenage summer romance. But when the summer is over and her school reopens, Tony expects his football coach to continue his football career, while she’s working on a love for sage and dance. Notice.

The best summer ever A 72-minute fusion of high school musicals —With a twist.. The film features a large number of characters with disabilities and employs people with disabilities behind the scenes. This is very rare. 2.4% Of all the talking or named characters in the current movie, the disabled are about 26% Of the US population.This will The best summer everExtensive incorporation of casts and crews with breakthrough obstacles.

The decision to make such a comprehensive film was primarily made by the production company, Xeno Mountain Farm In Vermont, our mission is to “support lifelong friendships and opportunities for people with and without disabilities and other marginalized communities.” The cast and crew who worked on the film consisted primarily of Zeno campers. This gives the movie another credibility. This is partly a movie about people with disabilities in summer camps, featuring the actual people with disabilities in true summer camps. As a result, the film did more than just provide work to the disabled community. unemployment Twice as many as people without disabilities), it also built a larger network of inclusiveness. Elizabeth Goode, the screenwriter for the cerebral palsy film, says that by working on her film, she has launched her into the new space she had previously dreamed of. She said, “I always wanted to somehow connect working with people with disabilities. [within the entertainment industry] However, there was no position I could use as it is now. I never thought I would be 500 talent managers in 2021 [clients] With Gamut Management, “she continues. “But if I couldn’t get the job done, I probably wouldn’t be here. The best summer ever movie.Without a connection between the Zeno community and the cast and crew … and their ability to become more intimate [by] Getting to know each other through supper and meal, it made all the movies [much] Better. “

There are quite a few characters with disabilities in the movie, and while they don’t deal directly with the disabilities, they can’t be completely avoided. Instead, incorporate and normalize it. On the role of disability in film, producer and screenwriter Andrew Pilkington said: Q & A, “So many movies talk about obstacles. When you disable a character, many of the plots are driven by what the obstacle is and what caused the obstacle, and you happen to be the obstacle. It’s very rare to get a movie with lots of characters that have a character, “he continued. “So part of what we wanted to show is that people with disabilities of all kinds can play other types of roles like cheerleaders and soccer players. They are probably others. A role that will never be cast in a way. We’re definitely overcompensating in the movie. We have to face your face as much as possible, “he adds. I did. “The more you display these types of roles, the more normalized it is.”

The best summer ever It’s not just how to deal with disabilities, it’s unique, comprehensive and progressive. Sage and Tony are an interracial couple, and Sage has two mothers who are hippies selling weeds that are constantly moving. In addition, Sage is a girl in an electric wheelchair, but her love interests have not been negated.Women and girls with disabilities Rarely Cast as the protagonist and rarely cast with suitors, especially those who have not been disabled.

Many film crews want to teach Hollywood that this is not only possible to cast and hire people with disabilities in movies and television, but it is also beneficial. “We send the industry a message that this format can be applied to any script,” says film co-director Michael Landa. “It’s like having a story, a script, an understanding of inclusive casting and an inclusive crew.” It just shows that everyone can succeed in any industry, “Good adds. I did. They just need a chance. It’s been a long time in the movie industry. “

* The best summer ever You can rent or buy it at the streaming service.

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About the author: Cheyenne Leonard Accessibility of Loreen Arbus is a basic programThe first fellowship established to train women with disabilities as professional journalists and to be able to write, investigate and report on the most important issues affecting the disabled community.

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