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‘RHUGT’s Alexia & Marisol Break Down Their Last Fight: Exclusive – Hollywood Life

Celebrities‘RHUGT’s Alexia & Marisol Break Down Their Last Fight: Exclusive – Hollywood Life

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alexia napola And Marisol Patton there was a rare fight Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip The season 3 finale that no one saw coming. The dynamic duo ended their week-long trip to Thailand with a major argument in the car over Season 5 drama real housewives of miamithat was filmed a few months ago RHUGT Season 3. Alexia was upset that Marisol didn’t defend her when she got into a fight with Alexia Adriana De Mouraon the date of Nicole MartinThe engagement party of And Marisol doesn’t appreciate that Alexia dismisses the fact that Marisol is not legally married to her husband. steve, alexia and marisol appeared HollywoodLife‘S Attention puh-leez! podcast together in March and reflected on their spat in Thailand.

Alexia, 55, specifically said, “We had our moment.” “It was a moment we should have had where he acknowledged and understood the way I was feeling, and I said I was sorry if I hurt him or if I said something that hurt him. Could. We fight like sisters. I would never love my sister or take her back or defend her. But I felt like I needed to say it.

Marisol, 56, reveals how the longtime best friends overcame their fight RHUGT, “It’s something that’s very important to both of us. We know we don’t let anything from the show get into our lives and our personal relationships,” she said. “It’s very different and we don’t let it affect our relationship.” Do not allow This is not one.

alexia napola
Alexia Napoli; Marisol Patton (Photo: Shutterstock)

Like Alexia and Marisol, heather gay And whitney rose From real housewives of salt lake cityAnd Giselle Bryant And candice bassett From real housewives of potomac, also came RHUGT with their own drama from their respective shows. Alexia reported that the dynamics on RHUGT 3 were unique as almost the entire cast had recently completed shooting for the shows they were in before flying to Thailand.

“You come with these things. You transfer them on the journey,” Alexia said on the podcast. “There were things that happened in the season that you didn’t like, that you didn’t really address, and you Let’s move on until it explodes and something like that.”

Luckily, Alexia and Marisol reconciled before she flew home from Thailand. They share a warm hug at the end of the finale and promise each other that they will be friends and sisters forever.

Alexia and Marisol interview Attention puh-leez! The podcast is available now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. They also talk about why they don’t get along Leah McSweeneyReveal who was the biggest pot-stirrer on the trip, plus much more.

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