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Rob Lowe, Son John Owen Break Down Their New Series ‘Unstable’

CelebritiesRob Lowe, Son John Owen Break Down Their New Series 'Unstable'

With family! Rob Lowe and son John Owen Lowe have worked on a handful of projects in the past, but their latest collaboration β€” the new Netflix series Unstable β€” his most personal yet.

“the story of Unstable is really our story,” the 9-1-1: Lone Star The actor, 59, explained in an exclusive interview in the new issue of us weekly, β€œThis is the story of a father who tries to love and support his son through everything, and his son struggles a bit. It’s a story that almost every parent and child can relate to, and of course Johnny came in and made it pretty hysterical.

The 27-year-old Stanford University graduate talks candidly about how dad has been a major source of support for her while dealing with addiction. Earlier this month, the parks and Recreation The alum presented his son with his five-year sobriety chip during an appearance the drew barrymore show,

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Robb and John Owen previously starred together vacation in the woods And Milland John Owen wrote several episodes of his father’s show 9-1-1: Lone Star, For UnstableHowever, he mined more of his personal experience than in the past.

John Owen said, “Stepping into the role was more work and more emotionally draining than I ever imagined, but that’s what made it so special.” We, β€œThe more I put myself into the show, the more I got out of it for myself. Oh, and having my dad there helped, or sometimes didn’t, but either way, I got a lot of support.

In the new series, St. Elmo’s Fire The star plays Alice Dragon, the eccentric CEO of a biotech company. John Owen stars as Ellis’s son, Jackson, who works for his father’s business to help him deal with the death of his wife.

“Alice is a very exaggerated version of me in some ways, but I really hope I’m a little more stable,” quipped Rob, who shares wife John Owen and 29-year-old son Matthew. sherrill berkoff, β€œWe couldn’t do this show without the other, in every way. There is no way I can do a father-son show and not have my son there.”

John Owen – who created comedy with his father and Victor Fresco – Thoughts for said Unstable have been “drinking” since they worked 9-1-1: Lone Star,

“I felt like I was constantly in my father’s shadow,” the grace point Star explained. β€œIt is not difficult when he is the star and producer of the show. When I told people what I was experiencing, I found that many people could really relate to what I was feeling.

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The screenwriter mined that experience for the series, which debuted on Netflix last month. John Owen said, “I really had to lean into that feeling every which way.” We, “To dive deep into it and then turn it into comedy was more therapeutic than I ever imagined.”

Rob, for his part, is thrilled with the way the project turned out β€” and he credits his son for its success. “John Owen spent most of his life in writers’ rooms and on sets, and this was the time in his life when he was ready to really show this potential,” said the Virginia native. “I’m very proud of that.”

Unstable Streaming now on Netflix. For more on Rob and John Owen’s new show, watch the video above and pick up the latest issue us weeklyNow on stand.

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