Royals Concerned Prince Harry’s Memoir Will “Attack” Duchess Camilla

Prince Harry’s next memoir is probably one of the most anticipated books of the year, but he seems to be concerned among the royal family (sighs). I was able to write about Camilla, the Duchess of his stepmother.

Written by the author Angela Levin biography Prince Harry’s
“Allowing privileged access to his home in Kensington Palace” during the process Talk radio (via Sun“Harry’s memoirs will be released at the end of the year. Everyone says he will attack Camilla and hold her accountable. [his] Mental health and how she stole her father from her mother. “

Well … Harry didn’t say everything To mean that this is the case, Angela herself said, “He is [Camilla], She is a wonderful woman and he said she likes her very much. She also said that Camilla “was very helpful to Megan when she first joined. I took her to lunch and tried to teach her some of what she needed to know. — Limitations, weaknesses, and strengths. “

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Nonetheless, Angela Levin seems to believe that the memoirs are “nasty” to the royal family and could affect the relationship between Harry and Prince Charles.

“Prince Charles is very adaptable because he loves Harry so much that he may tend to give way to him, but when he reads what he says about Camilla, he does it. I will not do it. “

This news comes after sources say Sun Charles told his aide that he was worried that Harry’s book would be Camilla’s “exciting takedown.” But as long as William loves his father, he won’t want to get involved. Perhaps he tries to stay neutral. “

The official press release of Harry’s book is in the eyes of the world from childhood to the present, including his dedication to service, military service that took him to the forefront of Afghanistan twice, and the joy he has. I noticed that my husband and father are saying that they will cover “the life of.” So doesn’t it sound like Camilla has a big or small focus? but it’s okay!

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