Scorpio Month Horoscope for March 2022

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  • March 2: New Moon in Pisces
  • March 5: Venus and Mars enter Aquarius
  • March 18: Full moon in Virgo
  • March 20: The sun enters Aries / Spring Equinox
  • March 31: New Moon in Aries

    Hello March, you are a mysterious Scorpion! You get a bad rap because you’re gloomy, but the Pisces season actually makes you feel playful. And your extra-world access and spiritual insights into other territories are only enhanced when you invite more play in your life. On March 2nd, the Pisces New Moon is ready to receive a creative boost. This is a life-changing lunar month, if you’re lucky, thanks to Jupiter, which is also in Pisces. You can sow seeds to write the book, create the work of art, and take advantage of the fun that life lacked.

    On March 3, when Venus, Mars, and Pluto all meet in Capricorn, the energy will be high. Recall what happened between Venus Retrograde in December and January. What conversations and themes have come for you since then? It’s a time of intense communication, but the last piece of this recent puzzle could be revealed. It may contain topics that others want to avoid, but publishing them will bring healing. You are brave, Scorpio, and you have this. On March 6, Venus and Mars change their minds and illuminate the chart’s home and family sectors. This creates a fresh cycle around where you live, who you live with, and your family. If you were thinking of moving with someone, this is a cosmic adjusted time. You may also be inspired to redecorate your space.

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    Your intuition may be overwhelmed or at a loss on March 13 as the Sun and Neptune meet for their annual hangout. This is the highest spiritual energy, but it can also deliver a momentary danger signal. Pay attention to people’s patterns and behaviors and keep in mind that words alone are not sufficient evidence at this time. It is also a portal of creative sparks. If you utilize your inner artist, you can direct your energy efficiently. The full moon of Virgo on March 18th will focus on your friendship and community. Setting boundaries in friendships can be tricky, but if they aren’t interrelated, it’s time to readjust.

    The sun will enter Aries on March 20th, shifting your focus to work. You can be a little control freak and it’s no wonder you’re very good at your work, but make sure you maintain a healthy work-life balance. On March 22, Mars, the ruler of your planet, will have a tense conversation with Uranus in Taurus. Problems between your partner and your family can surface. If you have family tensions, it’s best to spend time alone to handle them before responding. You may be thinking about harmful patterns and coping strategies that you have chosen from your family. Be kind to yourself and others today.

    On March 27, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Aries and cannot stop thinking about work. Your schedule is full and you are expecting one to the next. This is a busy time for you. It would be a good practice to incorporate a time frame for rest and loneliness. You are in demand! The moon ends on March 31st with the new moon of Aries. This allows you to reset your schedule and routine. What is working and what is tired of you? Make sure you are still making enough time to enjoy everything your life has to offer, as you are not alive for work. Work can sometimes wait!

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