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Sean Lowe reveals why he and Catherine Giudici kept the dog

CelebritiesSean Lowe reveals why he and Catherine Giudici kept the dog

Whereas sean lowe and his wife, Catherine GiudiciThe Bullmastiff pups loved Gus so much that they eventually needed to re-home the dog for the safety of their family.

“You all know how much I loved that dog and he was such a good dog. Good with kids, well trained and he was so full of love. However he has shown some examples of resource guarding in the past Showed up when he bit Mia,” the former Bachelorette, 39, wrote via her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, April 19, referring to her youngest child, 3. “We did everything in our power to prevent this from happening again. But one night several weeks ago, [our son] Samuel ducks over to pet Gus, and Gus bites him on the side of the head.

Lowe and Guidici, 36, initially met on Season 17 the Bachelor, which ended with the former graphic designer getting engaged. The pair, who married in 2014, went on to welcome sons Samuel, 7, and Isaiah, 5, and daughter Mia. Their Texas-based family grew again in April 2022 when the married couple adopted Gus.

Sean Lowe Why Catherine Giudici and I Reunited Our Dog Gus
Courtesy of Sean Lowe / Instagram

“Well Mia’s had a good 2 years, but that run is over for now. Please say hello to my new favorite baby Gus,” Lowe quipped via Instagram while introducing the pup.

While Samuel, Isaiah and Mia formed special bonds with the family pet, Lowe and Giudici knew the best solution was to have one after Samuel was bitten earlier this year. (The Bachelorette alum called Gus’s behavior a “temporary lapse in judgment”.)

“The result was a trip to the ER and a staple in the head,” Lowe said in his Wednesday upload. “So, as much as I love that dog, I have to put my kids first. But [Gus is] In a great home and we still get to see her sometimes. [By the way]I died a little inside.

The former collegiate football player further explained that his children had “made a full recovery” from the events. ,[Samuel is] Doing very well,” he added on Wednesday. He also misses his dog. And so do his brothers and sisters.

Gus has since found a “great” new home with dog trainers at Lowe’s and Giudici’s.

“He goes to work everyday and is around other dogs. He texted me the other day and said this [one] Pug hates all dogs except Gus. Should be a close resemblance,” the former ABC personality jokingly wrote through her stories, adding that it would be “a while” before she could adopt another dog. I’m cheating on Gus.”

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