Sharna Burgess Shuts Down Fan Question About Megan Fox

Dance with the stars Professional Sharna Burgess is currently expecting her first child with Brian Austin Lean, The originator of Megan Fox.As a result, Sharna She The relationship with Brian, and the previous relationship between Megan and Brian-she finally dealt with in the recent Instagram AMA.

In response to a follower who said, “How do you deal with following in the footsteps of Megan Fox?” E!news Report that Sharna was willing to write this:

“Usually I don’t answer this kind of question, but I think many women have a hard time comparing themselves to their partner x and other women. That’s because society is us. Because we have determined that we are a stupid and competitive gender … We cannot be satisfied with who we are without wanting what “she” (whoever you are) has. Probably. We are measured by appearance and weight above all else. “

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Then she followed in the footsteps of Megan and answered the actual question of how to “cop” in the simple way of “I don’t”.

“She is herself and a wonderful woman,” continued Sharna. “I am myself and a wonderful woman. This idea that you” follow in the footsteps of your partner X “is dangerous. If you live according to that idea, it leads to the same result. The relationship is over. You are a unique and kind woman. Make your own way without following anyone’s footsteps. Make the way you want. “

She said, “Remember that women are wonderful creatures. You don’t have to break others to feel strong, but helping each other, respecting each other and lifting each other is me. Make us unstoppable. The community The number of women around you is a gift. “

Yes, for all this!

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