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Four-time WNBA champion Sheryl Swoopes is ready to see the WNBA grow and share hope for the future of the league. About the latest episode of NETLIFE With Dawn Staley.

Since Swoops played, and since the implementation of the 2020 CBA, the most important change has been in player rewards. As the league continues to grow economically and the talent pool deepens, Swoops is looking to expand.

“We all say we want to make more money, we need to make more money, and I think players deserve it,” Swoops tells Starley. “What I want to see is … just add a team. If you don’t add a team, you might add a roster spot.”

Expansion was a popular topic at last year’s WNBA, with the 12-team league limited to 144 roster spots, often even less when teams try to meet salary cap requirements. While current and former players have spoken out about the need for growth, commissioner Kathy Engelbert was conservative in tackling this issue.

“If we can change the economy of the league and 12 teams more quickly, we can be confident that we have the right model to not only survive, but to bring in new teams to prosper.” Engelbelt said Just women’s sports During February.

Swoops, who was inducted into the Nice Smith Hall of Fame and won the WNBA four times, believes that WNBA roster restrictions will become an urgent issue year after year.

“There are so many talents coming out of college. I feel like I’m missing out on a great college talent to compete in the WNBA because I’m a fan, and I don’t have enough roster space to build a team. I can’t, “says Swoopes. ..

“Being a rookie … it’s hard to beat the other 11 players, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enough to join the team as a rookie.”

Listen to Starry’s complete conversation with Swoops With the NETLIFE podcast..

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