Space NK Is Sold at Walmart Now, Fusing Luxury and Drugstore Beauty Online & in Stores

If there is one place in the aisle where we can inhale The beauty of drugstores Goods, that’s Walmart..Yes, retailers have many affordable brands such as: Uoma by Sharon C And Betsey Johnson-Support Luv BetseyBut sometimes I want to taste something a little more luxurious at a discount department store.Well, if you’ve ever felt the same, you’re in luck because you’ll be able to shop right away. Walmart Space NK.

Two shops will work together to create BeautySpaceNK, Bringing together British luxury cosmetology retailers and Wal-Mart products to create a special hub. This new space Focus on offerings at stores on March 15th and this summer both Affordable luxury items for skin care, makeup, hair care, bath / body — access to the one-stop shop to get all your favorite products. Laurie Tessier, Merchandising Director of Wal-Mart’s Prestige Beauty, said: Press release..

Through this partnership, Space NK will offer more than 600 products across 15 brands, including: Of slip Beloved silk pillowcase and darling of luxurious beauty Terry, To the US-based market of mass retailers.You can also expect to find Win the best beauty Branded products like Foreo, Mario Badescu, and Patchology Pops up in Walmart’s virtual corridor during the first rollout.

By this summer, shoppers will also be featured in their brand debut, including new exclusive products, kits and even an exciting mineral-based SPF series. Summer camp — Founded by a manufacturer of luxury sunscreen brands Soleil to Jules.. Andy Lightfoot, CEO of Space NK, said in a press statement: ..

The collaboration project between Space NK and Wal-Mart Starting March 15th, you’ll have to wait another two months before you can buy all your items in the store.So, here are some favorites from the featured brands you can grab until we all can enjoy this fun beauty marriage spacenk.comjust now:

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