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Sunset’s Christine slams Chriselle for ‘Bangin’ the Boss’

CelebritiesSunset's Christine slams Chriselle for 'Bangin' the Boss'

Spilling the tea Christine Quinn opened about getting out of sell sunset – and claimed Chrishell Stause given preference because of its association with the former jason oppenheim,

“I like it elder brother, Everybody’s beatin’ up each other, everybody’s beatin’ up the boss masked singer The alum, 34, quipped about the agency during an interview on Tuesday, April 18. Savannah ChrisleyThe “Unlock” podcast of. “It’s wild.”

The former Netflix personality then claimed that she didn’t do as well in the Oppenheim group as some of her colleagues because she didn’t date anyone in the office. “That’s why I was so s-tty in real estate,” Quinn said. “Because I’ve never flirted with my boss. That’s why I never found any listing. Not really.”

Christine Quinn Claims She Didn't Get The Listing On Selling Sunset Because She Wasn't Bang In Boss 056

Christine Quinn. Michelle Haseth / Netflix

When Chrisley, 25, was asked if her guest believed Stause, 41, was treated differently during her relationship with Oppenheim, 46, Quinn said she does. “Exactly,” replied the Texas native. “The difference is she got preferential treatment when it came to filming the show and listing on the show was more important than real life.”

The former soap star and the Oppenheim Group cofounder went public with their romance in July 2021 but separated before the end of the year. Oppenheim, who also dated mary fitzgerald Earlier sell sunset Started, has denied that he ever played favorites with his employees.

“I do not give [Mary] Special treatment,” pointed out the real estate broker good Housekeeping In August 2020. “When it comes to business … it’s strictly a response to their production, the amount of money they bring into the brokerage, their level of experience and expertise, and my confidence in them.”

Christine Quinn Claims She Didn't Get The Listing On Selling Sunset Because She Wasn't Bangin' In Boss 055

Chrishel Stause and Jason Oppenheim. Rob Latour / shutterstock

However, other employees of the Oppenheim Group have indicated that Boss gave Fitzgerald, 42, and Stause better listings during their relationship. “I think so, it doesn’t hurt [date the boss], maya vendor specifically mentioned us weekly In December 2021. “But at the end of the day, she now has good clients that she has made on her own. So, whenever Jason decides to help out here and there it’s his call, it’s his brokerage.

Quinn, for her part, told TMZ in August 2021 that she thinks there is “a lot of favoritism involved” at the real estate firm, though she noted at the time that she mostly saw it with Fitzgerald rather than Stause.

Wenders, 40, and Quinn have both left the Oppenheim Group and sell sunset, We In June 2022 it was confirmed that Vendor is starting its own brokerage, The Maya Vendor Group. “Logically it has been tough for him. A source told us at the time that flying back and forth from Miami to Los Angeles is very difficult and stressful. “She wants to focus on her family and hopefully have more kids.”

Meanwhile, Quinn is officially out of the show in August 2022. She had already left The Oppenheim Group in April 2022 to focus on RealOpen, a company she founded with her husband, Christian Richard,

Her departure from the Netflix series came three months after a blistering interview on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, during which she hinted that Stause and Oppenheim’s relationship was not entirely genuine.

“I think it was opportunistic,” the Texas native said in May 2022. “It was a great story. I think Jason had genuine feelings for her. Do I think he had true feelings for her? No.”

Quinn said she believed her former boss was romantically involved, but she couldn’t say the same about the Stooges. ,[Jason] Seemed happy and in love but in my opinion it was one sided,” claimed the reality star. “I’ve only seen them together twice, which was once at my broker’s event where I wore a black dress, and even then, I could tell she was really uncomfortable.”

Both Stooges Are Dating g flipand Oppenheim, who is dating Mary-Lou HellHave denied fake romance before.

sell sunset Season 6 doesn’t have a release date yet, but Fitzgerald will likely return with the Stooges later this year. chelsea lazcani, Heather Rae El Moussa, Emma Hernan, amanza smith, vanessa villela And Davina Potretz as well as new cast members Bre Tisi And nicole young,

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