Sword Ace Tarot Card Meaning: Keyword, Upright, Reverse

This is your breakthrough moment! Everything was gray and blurry and felt lacking in clarity, but the Ace of Swords shows that this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The fog has finally risen and the visibility is clearly visible.Ann Estarot card Represents a new beginning. It heralds the potential of new starts, new ideas, and innovative plans.Related to Air element, sword It represents our spiritual landscape that encourages a more direct and logical approach, with open and direct communication and the expansion of intellectual ability to provide a different perspective.With the ace of the sword Tarot cardThese two themes come together.

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Breakthroughs, clarity, truth, new ideas, new opportunities, prospects

Upright sword ace

The Ace of Swords breaks through nonsense and provides burning clarity and honest truth. And what do you know, bb? The truth sometimes hurts. But it’s better to know what’s really going on than to stay alive in the haze of fog and deceived illusions. Be logical, exclude your emotions from now on, and look at your current situation about what it really is (not just you wanted it).

This tarot card is a double-edged sword that cuts deeply and the blade is both positive and negative. You may learn that you don’t expect to hear, but it’s always in our best interests. This newly discovered wisdom often points to what (or who!) We must cut out of life in order to move forward. Maybe you have to face some assumptions and cut out the preconceptions that turn out to be in your way. Yes, it may sting to make that first cut, but when you do, you will start to feel the benefit. This does not interfere with you and you can make space for something much more aligned for you.

When it comes to relationships (both personal and professional), communication is always essential in possible difficult situations. This is your call to use your voice and your words. Choose your words wisely and carefully, as it is not only what you say, but how you say it. Don’t be afraid to talk! Be fundamentally honest and truly express yourself to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Are you having trouble saying what you need to say? Try to write it down. It may help you to put your thoughts together in a more specific way.

Reversed sword ace

Your current situation feels foggy, obscure, and chaotic, with cloudy judgment and lack of spiritual clarity (OMG, I hate this for you! ). Currently, it is impossible to make the right decisions. The mess is unpleasant, my loved one, so let’s see what we can do to correct this mess. When the Ace of Swords reverses, it sends you to the fact-finding mission to get the information needed to understand the next move beyond the surface. What do you need to know? Whatever it is, it’s time to find and handle it.

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