The best city to live in in your twenties in the world

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You have finally moved out of your parents’ house (although you are not yet) theft Using their phone plan and Netflix login, that’s fine), and it’s time to find a place to rent an apartment. Or, instead, when you’re in your twenties, a random city that just followed your friends overlaps with all the other great places in the world.

And thank you Messed up A summary of the 30 best cities to live in in your twenties will give you a) where your city is ranked and b) where you might move … if you can get a job, get a job. Get a visa, a new language, and all that practical. In that respect, these are the top 30 cities to live in as 20s (scroll to # 1 … and no, it’s not New York City)!

Psst. Before you start, please be aware that this ranking takes into account a few things. High-paying work opportunities, rent costs, fun nightlife atmosphere, Instagrammability (laughs), LGBTQ + friendliness, transportation costs, and of course, drink prices. It doesn’t make sense to live in a city where you can get $ 10 for a glass of beer.

Anyway, there are a lot of cities on this list that honestly seem great to live in at any age, so if I need one, I’ll apply for a job in Lyon, France!

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30. Madrid, Spain

Great news if you’ve ever dreamed of living in Spain. Madrid is considered one of the best cities in the world for people in their twenties. It’s also one of the cheapest places to live on this list. In short, you can enjoy the beauty of living in a European city. Without it Panic your poor, long-suffering credit card.

29. Melbourne, Australia

Pros: Closeness to the Hemsworth brothers, warm climate, abundant avocados, incredible trails (pedestrian trails full of great food and art), and St Kilda Beach. Cons: Literally nothing.In fact, according to Messed up A glass of beer is quite expensive, but that’s it.

28. Porto, Portugal

Want to live in a gorgeous coastal city full of incredible architecture, good wine (technically a harbor, but you know), and outdoor cafes? Hello and welcome to Porto. The rent is cheap, the atmosphere is top notch and it’s very cold. And if you can get a job, you are. Will. Prosper.

27. Montreal, Canada

Thanks to the cobblestones, cafes, Gothic Revival buildings, and the general French atmosphere, visiting Montreal is basically like taking a small vacation in Europe only in Canada. So you have to assume that living there is a fun experience, right? right.According to the data, nightlife Huge So if you like parties, try New York, Barcelona and Madrid.

26. Amsterdam, Copenhagan

A colorful building suitable for a grid? Yes.casual Palace For you to be jerky? Also, yes. A stunning garden to take a walk? absolutely. Adding to the legendary restaurant scene and the fact that you can go almost anywhere by bike (I love cities with free transportation), Copenhagen is perfect.

25. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

First of all, it’s Gritti’s house, and if that’s not enough reason to move there, what is IDK? But Philadelphia is also a great city overall, with lots of job opportunities, lots of young people (how you do it, fellow young people), and a solid restaurant scene. Basically, if you want to live in a big city on the east coast, it’s cheaper and more fun than New York.

24. Dublin, Ireland

That is, who Do not Want to live in Dublin? You may fall in love with someone who is gorgeous, has a lot to do, is very moody, and has the hottest accents in the world. Messed up It’s very LGBTQ + friendly and we want to see. What are the only drawbacks? Rent is quite high, but far from living expenses in New York City and San Francisco.

23. Sydney, Australia

If Melbourne doesn’t do it for you, but you want to live in Australia, Sydney seems to be a better place for people in their twenties to live-mostly it’s a little better nightlife Because I have a scene. And to be honest, the proximity to the iconic and pristine Bondi Beach (and the Opera House!) Makes it mutually beneficial to live there.

22. Barcelona, ​​Spain

What shouldn’t be loved / what are you crazy about? Barcelona is one of Europe’s most gorgeous metropolises, with great museums, great art, lots of performance spaces, countless restaurants, very cute neighborhoods and beautiful apartments. Rally your best friends and move there.

21. Lisbon, Portugal

As you may not know from this photo, Lisbon is basically a fairytale dream city. Living here is like living on a postcard, with good food, cheap rent, and lots of places to explore.But according to Messed up Nightlife leaves something to be desired, so if that’s a priority for you, maybe look elsewhere.

20. Toronto, Canada

If moving to Toronto means kayaking on this river with the skyline in front of you, sign up. Bonus? Symphonies, ballet, Toronto Maple Leafs (to congratulate them), and some gorgeous parks and markets.

19. Nantes, France

This riverside town is famous for its many castles, close to the sea, When It is a short drive from the famous Loire Valley and its castle. If you can get a job there, the rent is quite cheap, so don’t run and walk.

18. New York City, NY

Uh. With literally everything in New York City, there is little better than living in New York City. Very high rent and living costs (the most $$ city to live on this list!), Not to mention Pizzarat, but that doesn’t prevent Big Apple from being on this list.

17. Manchester, England

London has received a lot of hype, but Manchester is also a pretty cool city to live in and has a very famous club scene. (And the delicious food in Ancoats! And the cute cafe on the beach road!) And if you want to feel the emo, Smith comes from there.

16. Lyon, France

Yet another French city on this list!If you’re a history geek, you’re a history geek Love I live in Lyon (Renaissance architecture is to die). If you’re not a historical geek, you can enjoy gorgeous views, stroll through the rose gardens, and enjoy delicious food (known as the gastronomic capital of the world for that reason).

15. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is potentially Europe’s most gorgeous city, with many Gothic buildings, medieval architecture and rainbow-colored luxury Baroque houses. Your Instagram simply doesn’t know what to do on its own. On top of that, rent is cheap, drinks are cheap, and transportation costs don’t break the bank.

14. Munich, Germany

Let’s live the atmosphere of Oktoberfest all year round! Munich is a comprehensive city with reasonable living costs and countless beer gardens. The city is also famous for Apple strudel (apple strudel).

13. Glasgow, Scotland

You already love OutlanderMoving to Scotland is just detection You see? But in reality, Glasgow is a great city to consider for people in their twenties. There are some really top-notch bars, pubs, whiskey distilleries, monthly salaries tend to be quite high (so you can really enjoy all the culture that this city offers) and people are very friendly. Is known.

12. Paris, France

If you look too much Emily in Paris Do you feel like moving to France? Good news. Paris happens to be the 12th best city for people in their 20s to live in. Yes, it’s expensive, but the lack of budget in Paris makes up for it in style, cultural attractions, art, landscapes, croissants, architecture, and the general atmosphere.

11. London, England

London is almost (although not perfect) ranked in the top 10 best places for people in their twenties to live. Come to the teatime scones, stay in cozy apartments (er, flats) and pubs and book your winter vacation as it can rain.

10. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the perfect city for those who are crazy about art. Similarly, there is the entire island of the museum. But it also has a great nightlife scene, making it a great place for people in their twenties who really want to go out and do something (can’t get involved).

9. Frankfurt, Germany

So it’s clear why this city is at the top of this list, as it’s the most famous sausage. But it may also be related to high salaries, low rents, and general luxury.

8. Los Angeles, California

Everyone moves to LA for a reason, right? Thanks to the fact that it is huge and vast, you can find most rental locations that fit most budgets. And yeah, the traffic is a bit terrible, but the beach is right there. In addition, you may become famous, or at least the background of a reality show. (In addition, the average monthly salary in your twenties is actually pretty decent at $ 6,000!)

7. Miami, Florida

The food is great. Nightlife is legendary. The weather is perfect. And you can hit the beach within 10 minutes of finishing work. In Will Smith’s words, we have a party on the beach all night long in a hot city until dawn.

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

There is no doubt that this picture tells everything. But, except for the obvious (IT! IS! STUNNING!), You can enjoy a lot of exercise cycling around Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum is just around the corner, and the canals basically make Venice look. (Joke, I love Venice). What are the only drawbacks? Rent and general living expenses are a little expensive.

5. Chicago, Illinois

Welcome to the 5th best place in the world, not just in the United States, for people in their 20s to live. Feel free to relax in a windy city with high average salaries, low average rents and easy public transport, while everyone else spends all their money in New York and LA.

4. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is an incredibly lush, clean and beautiful city full of culture, but most of the time you’ll find mountains and breathtaking views everywhere. And you will be a good companion as many young people live in the city thanks to some universities. However, the rent is quite high, equivalent to 46% of the average monthly income.

3. Portland, Oregon

Portland Features: Affordable (price is high, so hurry up), very lush, gorgeous, full of artists and still under the radar when it comes to tourism. That means you can move there and you don’t have to deal with being in the background of people’s Instagram. The LGBTQ + is also very familiar and there are many young people there.

2. Austin, Texas

Austin is an absolute gem in the heart of Texas, with great food, up-and-coming artists, great music, and don’t forget to attend the SXSW Festival every year. Oh, and also, Austin’s transportation is cheaper than any other city on this list. All of that and a pretty decent average monthly salary? It’s no wonder it’s the second best city to live in.

1. San Francisco, California

Welcome to our # 1. Messed up If you’re in your twenties, San Francisco is listed as the best city to live in. It makes sense: it’s clean, diverse, has passed all atmosphere checks, is a (long) drive from LA, and has lots of nice beaches and coves nearby, which is good for general areas. I have a job, When There is a lot to do. What are the only drawbacks? The rent is steeper than all those hills you have to walk. But salaries also tend to be quite high, so it’s even.

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