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The Best Conditioners for Dry Hair in 2023

CelebritiesThe Best Conditioners for Dry Hair in 2023

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Most people rarely put much thought into the conditioner they use. Conditioner is an afterthought, an automatic task after washing your hair. But conditioning is just as important as shampooing.

When you shampoo your hair, more often than not, the good oils that your hair needs to stay soft and strong get rinsed out in the process. A conditioner sends moisture back into the strands after shampooing, and heals the cuticle so strands are easier to detangle.

To choose the right conditioner, you must match it to the needs of your hair. If your hair’s thin, then you’ll want a volumizing conditioner. If your hair is curly, then you should use one made to help manage curls. And if your hair tends to be dry, then look for a deeply moisturizing one.

For anyone struggling with dry hair, check out these best conditioners for dry hair in 2023 to find the best solution for your waves.

1. Blu Atlas Classic Conditioner

Blu Atlas is a fantastic, gender-neutral skincare brand with a great purpose: to make skincare products composed of natural ingredients to reduce the number of chemicals a person puts on themselves daily. The average person applies over 120 chemicals to their face and body daily, so Blu Atlas is changing the game by creating products composed of 96% – 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

The Blu Atlas Classic Conditioner is a vegan solution with 98% of the premium ingredients from natural sources such as plants, fruits, and minerals. Safe for every hair type, four major active ingredients help common problems that come up with dry hair.

Argan oil is full of vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants that deeply condition hair strands, combating frizz so hair becomes smooth and shiny. White tea extract moisturizes by attracting water to the strands and scalp.

Avocado oil contains oleic acid and monosaturated fats, which can work their way deep into the hair shaft so every part of your hair is moisturized. Last, an added benefit is barley protein, which includes powerhouse nutrients thiamin and niacin to help hair grow better and easier to comb out, so you see less breakage.

The shampoo and matching conditioner are made in the United States and are synthetic dye-free, artificial fragrance-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and preservative-free.

2. OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner

OGX makes salon-quality style products that are pH-balanced to match the needs of your hair and scalp. OGX prioritizes sustainability and wants your hair to maintain maximum health through their one-of-a-kind ingredients from the finest sources.

The OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner uses argan oil as the main ingredient to condition hair. Argan oil can work deep into the hair shaft so that dry hair becomes more elastic. This prevents split ends, breakage, and other types of damage. Argan oil also protects each strand from environmental elements like UV rays or heat products you use regularly.

To use this product, first, apply a large amount of the OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo directly to your hair when it’s wet. Work into suds from scalp to tip, massaging the scalp (if you have time) to break up grime. Then, rinse out completely and apply the conditioner in the same manner. Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes while you finish washing up, then rinse out.

This product contains no harmful sulfates that make dry hair even drier. However, they do test on animals. That’s a requirement to sell products in China, so if you don’t feel comfortable with that, you’ll need to pick another shampoo.

3. Biolage Hydra Source Conditioning Balm

Biolage is a company trusted by salon professionals with solutions for every hair type. If you think you have dry hair, but aren’t sure, then you should take their hair quiz online.

It’s a few questions, including your hair type, texture, color, if you color your hair, if you style your hair, and what your hair goals are. That’s it! It’s an awesome feature that shows how much Biolage cares about meeting the needs of their customers.

However, if you know you have dry hair, one of the best conditioners for dry hair is Biolage’s Hydra Source Conditioning Balm. The power is in the numbers: after just one application of the balm, Biolage says your hair will be 15 times more moisturized than before.

The main ingredient in the balm is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf. Aloe makes dry hair stronger to better withstand damage, it protects from UV rays so strands don’t become too brittle, and it hydrates the strands and scalp so that hair grows shinier and fuller.

This product seals the cuticle so that moisture locks into strands, making them soft and manageable instead of brittle and susceptible to breakage. Apply this conditioner after the HydraSource Shampoo, and let it sit for one to three minutes before washing it out.

4. Aesop Conditioner

Aesop is an Australian company that was founded in Melbourne in 1987. They strive to create personal care products made from plants and laboratory products so that you can get the best that the modern and natural worlds offer. They only choose ingredients that have been proven to be safe.

Aesop Conditioner works on every hair type to soften and hydrate it back to health, so you feel refreshed after use. This vegan solution uses amino acids to protect your strands from sun damage, increase collagen production so hair grows longer and thicker, and to generally strengthen hair.

Three other ingredients include bergamot rind to reduce inflammation on the scalp and soften strands, frankincense to heal split ends, and cedar atlas to cut through greasy hair and heal damaged scalps.

This product has a woody, citrus, and earthy scent, which lingers after use. If you have a strong intolerance to scents, then this solution might not work for you. But if you enjoy a strongly scented solution, this is it. It is also a safe one with no sodium lauryl sulfate.

Apply this product after your favorite shampoo. You’ll need to use one to two teaspoons if you have short hair, and maybe a little more if your hair is long.

5. Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Olaplex focuses on healing hair problems by maintaining disulfide bonds. Disulfide bonds make up your hair and give it structure and durability. When the disulfide bonds break, that causes hair issues like breakage, split ends, etc. Olaplex learned that a single ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, can regenerate disulfide bonds when added to hair care products.

If you struggle with dryness and breakage, then try Olaplex’s No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner. This conditioner deeply moisturizes strands and repairs them at the cellular level so that your hair is easier to manage, and it maintains maximum health. You can use this product on all hair types including dyed hair.

This conditioner has a pH balance of four to five, so it will work well with your hair and scalp’s natural environment. The active ingredient in this product is Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, specifically designed to heal hair strands from breakage.

It also contains avocado oil to hydrate and make hair easier to detangle; soybean oil to make hair glossy, and grapeseed oil to cure split ends and remove flyaways.

To best condition dry hair, first shampoo using Olaplex’s No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, then let the conditioner set in your hair for one to three minutes before washing out. This product contains no nuts or gluten, so it’s great for people with sensitive allergies.

6. Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisture Conditioner

Nexxus is a hair care brand owned by Unilever that makes products based on protein science. This type of study is called proteomics, and Nexxus studies different protein combinations to bring hair to the correct health and shine. The formulas change based on the level of damage and hair type.

The main ingredients in the Humectress Ultimate Moisture Conditioner are caviar and the protein complex. These two solutions provide 24-hour moisture for strands so that hair stays hydrated and healthy for a full day.

Green caviar in particular holds water into the hair so it stays soft, and also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to curb scalp irritation before it becomes a major issue. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair with a solution that brings shine, light, and softness to each strand.

Follow the three-step process when using this conditioner. First, cleanse your hair with the Nexxus Therappe Shampoo. Then, apply the conditioner and wait three minutes before washing it out. Last, spritz the Nexxus Humectress Luxe Lightweight Conditioning Mist to smooth hair and add extra moisture.

7. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Super Moisture Conditioner

Anyone with dry hair due to chemical or color treatments desperately needs a solution in order to deeply hydrate stressed-out strands, or they will break and become damaged. One of the best conditioners for dry hair in 2023 for such people is Brigeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Super Moisture Conditioner.

95% of the ingredients in this conditioner are from natural sources, and four actively work to condition strands and the scalp. Argan oil repairs your hair due to its high concentration of critical nutrients. Algae extract is loaded with antioxidants to stop free radicals from damaging your strands.

Panthenol drives moisture into waves, so they’re more springy, hold water better, and are flexible enough to not break from styling. Lastly, sodium PCA works to retain water for your strands and keep it there so they stay moisturized long after the conditioner has been washed out.

If you try this conditioner and it turns out you don’t like it, you can return the product within 30 days. But it works on all hair types, and is made without the main six harmful chemicals commonly found in hair products: sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and artificial dyes.

Sometimes, a color or chemical treatment leaves your hair so dry that you need a solution that works after one use. For an intense, weekly hair treatment made specifically for dry hair, follow up the conditioner with the Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Megastrength Plus Protein Plus Moisture Strengthening Treatment.

8. L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Conditioner

L’Oréal Professionnel is a salon-level hair care solution. Because these products are more intense and more expensive, you can’t typically find them at the grocery store. Instead, you’ll need to go to the specialty beauty store Ulta.

The L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Conditioner is one of the best conditioners for dry and sensitive hair in 2023. Gold quinoa and wheat protein are two main ingredients in this high-quality formula. These two ingredients send critical nutrients to strands that are dry and sensitive. It works to resurface the strands to be restructured stronger than before.

This formula is a gentle cream that nourishes each hair fiber but won’t weigh hair strands down or break them. When used regularly, this conditioner promises to make hair soft and shiny, feel light on your head, and cut down hair sensitivity.

This conditioner is the second step in the three-step process of Absolut Repair Products. First, spend three minutes applying the Absolut Repair Shampoo. Wash your hair twice with the shampoo, then apply the conditioner gently all over each strand. Last, spray the Absolut Repair Oil on towel-dried hair and then blow dry after. You should see instant results.

9. SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner

Shea Moisture focuses on selecting the top ingredients globally to add to their hair care solutions. They use no harmful chemicals and all their products are cruelty-free. With each SheaMoisture purchase, they spend money on nonprofits and community partnerships.

Anyone who struggles with dry hair and has curly hair type 4A, 4B, or 4C can benefit from SheaMoisture’s Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner. This shampoo has six intensive ingredients to deeply condition and moisturize dry strands.

Shea butter deeply moisturizes strands and acts as a sealant to hold hydration in curls. Manuka honey tames frizz, sends antioxidants into hair, and helps each curl stand out better. Mafura oil deeply penetrates and heals breakage due to its high-fat content.

Baobab and coconut oil work extra hydration and water into strands so they feel soft and shiny. Last, African rock fig stops environmental factors from damaging hair so that it’s easy to style however you like.

To see the best results from this conditioner, leave it on for three minutes before rinsing it out. This product works well for people with curls who struggle with multiple hair issues. For example, if you have dry tips but a greasy scalp, this cleanses the scalp while adding moisture to the ends of strands to balance hair.

10. Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner

Moroccanoil co-founder Carmen Tal had an absolute nightmare: she received a horrible hair care treatment while she was on vacation. Desperate for a solution, she tried a Moroccanoil treatment. She couldn’t believe how her hair went from damaged to shiny. From then on, she knew that she wanted to bring the magic of this treatment to the everyday user.

The Moroccanoil Hydrating Conditioner is one of the best conditioners for dry hair this year due to the plentiful antioxidants in argan oil. Argan oil cuts down on frizz, makes dry hair shiny, protects your hair from environmental irritants, and even helps with dandruff on your scalp.

Vitamin A helps cells grow faster so that your hair grows faster. Vitamin E contains more antioxidants to maintain scalp and hair health, and to protect from harmful free radicals. Lastly, the super moisturizing agent red algae contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These thicken strands and encourage hair to grow, making your dry hair plump and luscious.

This conditioner is safe to use on color-treated hair and contains no sulfates, phosphates, or parabens that dry hair out further. For best results, use this product with the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo. Reviewers say this product protects hair even with regular heat styling and keeps it silky and smooth.

11. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Hyaluron Plus Plump 72H Hydrating Conditioner

L’Oreal Paris is a popular brand that creates makeup, skin, and hair care products that are high quality at a low price. L’Oreal Paris founded their hair care products based on skin issues that arise on the scalp so that all problems seen in your hair are taken care of at the source.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Hyaluron Plus Plump 72H Hydrating Conditioner is one of the best budget conditioners for dry hair in 2023. One of the biggest perks of this conditioner is that it works in your hair for three days, meaning you’ll get the detangling, moisturizing, and plumping effects for that whole time. It’s made specifically for people struggling with thin, dry hair.

Hyaluronic acid is commonly found in skincare products to moisturize skin and make it more elastic, so it looks young and fresh. When added to shampoo and conditioner, it has the same effect, only for your strands and scalp. This conditioner also contains glycerin, which is one of the best humectants and holds moisture to soothe dry, stressed strands.

To get the most out of this product, first use the matching shampoo, then the conditioner, then finish with the Replumping Serum. After using this conditioner, your hair will smell like a mixture of berries, cherry blossom, vanilla, and sandalwood.

While this product does work well, it’s a less expensive option, so it’s not free of chemicals that can dry hair out. Dimethicone isn’t harmful to you, but has been shown to make the skin flaky. Sodium Laureth Sulfate can sometimes be contaminated with potentially toxic impurities due to the manufacturing process.

12. Davines NOUNOU Conditioner

Davines always puts the planet first, whether that means through the ingredients they use in their products, the packaging they come in, or even their office space. Davines Village, the name of their headquarters in Parma, Italy, is carbon neutral. They cut energy consumption through artificial lighting, and their energy comes from 100% renewable sources.

They even compost all of the organic waste from the restaurant so it can be used in their gardens! With such great care for the planet and the people who live on it, it’s no wonder that one of the best conditioners for dry hair in 2023 is Davines NOUNOU Conditioner.

This hydrating conditioner was made for people with dry hair to protect strands and make them more manageable. Just like with the NOUNOU Shampoo, the main ingredient in the conditioner is Fiaschetto tomato extract. It’s made by a local farm, and this extract has tons of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Vitamin C boosts collagen production, so that strands are stronger than before. It can also protect hair from becoming more damaged by free radicals and brings brightness back to hair color. Other helpful hydrating ingredients include jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter.

When you use the NOUNOU Shampoo and Conditioner regularly, you’ll receive nourished hair that’s full and voluminous. Your strands will be easier to untangle, and they will stay that way so you’re able to style them however you like.

13. Kitsch Shea Butter Conditioner Bar

While so many conditioners come in a bottle, there are many reasons why using a conditioner bar is beneficial. Conditioner bars are more concentrated, because there are no liquifying agents to water down the solution. They’re better for the environment because there’s less packaging, and no plastic. Plus, they cost less in the long run because they last for more uses than most bottle shampoos. And think about when you go on a plane, you can just throw this bar in a reusable container and you’re good to go.

If a conditioner bar sounds like the right option for you, a great one for dry hair is Kitsch’s Shea Butter Conditioner Bar. Combining Shea butter, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil deeply hydrate the hair and scalp. If you happen to have a coarser texture of hair, these products will create a sealant to ensure moisture won’t escape.

This product also protects hair from breaking, cuts down on scalp irritation, and prevents the scalp from aging. To use this conditioner bar properly, first shampoo your hair, then work the bar into a lather and apply the conditioner on your entire head. Don’t use a brush to comb through hair— instead, work through hair with your fingers with the conditioner until the tangles are out.

If this all sounds too good to be true, it’s not! This product has an impressive 4.8 rating on the company’s website with over 3,000 reviews. Women all over the United States love this shampoo and say it has turned back the clock on their hair, making it look younger and fresher than ever before.

14. Pureology Nanoworks Gold Conditioner

Pureology creates salon-grade hair care that’s all 100% vegan formulas. They love hair so much that they have a quiz on their website for you to take so that you can discover the perfect Pureology regimen based on your hair care needs.

Anyone with very dry or color-treated hair will love Pureology’s Nanoworks Gold Conditioner. This creamy conditioner works to strengthen hair, so it shines and is easy to comb through or style; two vegan ingredients make this possible:

Golden Marula oil moisturizes hair so it’s soft to the touch yet strong to resist breakage. Keravis, a plant-based protein, works deep into the hair shaft so it can send moisture and make hair more elastic.

Three other ingredients that give this shampoo its fantastic smell are Dewey Pair, Ylang Ylang (a plant with deep floral notes), and Golden Amber.

To best use this product, shampoo your hair first with the Nanoworks Gold Shampoo. Then, pour a dime-sized amount into your palms and gently massage your  hair, mostly adding it to the middle and ends of the hair. Don’t apply as much to your scalp, because that part of your hair is younger and gets moisturized by natural oils.

Wait one to two minutes before rinsing out the conditioner. If you want to hold hair color even better, then apply the Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray once you’re out of the shower, but while your hair is still wet.

The only downfall to this product is that, at a whopping fifty bucks a bottle, it is considerably more expensive than many of the other items on this list. So even though it’s a good product, it’s just a lot of money to spend on shampoo.

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