The best crystal for the constellation of Taurus, the healing crystal of Taurus

If You are taurusYou need to know two things about your sign: Taurus Venus dominates (Love, joy, beauty, planet of money) and symbolized by the bull (one minute calm and calm, the next minute angry and imprinted). Taurus is a sign of misunderstanding, Sometimes characterized lazy as a stubborn, intentional, possessive home body. In fact, you are all deep thinkers and analysts who spend a very long time reaching your conclusions and thinking everything through two times that you may look late (especially compared to Gemini and Aquarius). case).

Besides, Taurus is a constellation that everyone can get along with.. They seek joy, are laid back (unless they are …) and are always ready to have a good time.And about that “not”: you do I don’t want to change my mind, so I often get stubbornly off. Well, it took a lot of energy to determine your POV, and you probably already mentally refuted the argument that they think would shake you. Don’t underestimate the bull!

Important person Arrangement of Taurus I love security, warranty, comfort, dating, joy, and indulgence. You are stoic, strong, confident in your skin, and make a great company (especially spa days, shopping, fine dining, or cold days at home). You build a lasting and loyal relationship, and you never give up what you put your heart on. When your talent doesn’t work hard, you know that working hard beats your talent.That’s why you are so many rich and successful, and Famous torus there!

When it comes to thriving in a fast-paced, demanding environment, Taurus needs the help of additional crystals. They also benefit from crystals that help them relax from the stress of perfectionism and pressure that exceeds the expectations of others (or their own expectations). Torus is known for stamina However, if the situation requires high octane activity or a short burst of thought, it can be a pain, so a crystal that sharpens transparency and boosts energy is a great ally.

You don’t true If you need help to live the best life, but are looking for a little boost, these crystals will sharpen your mental concentration, ground you, protect you and increase your peace of mind. , And many other good things to help. Also, isn’t it cute? You love cute things.



Small emerald earrings with sterling silver or 14K posts

Emeralds attract good luck and abundance, and are the birthstone for May. This gem also enhances your determination and spiritual clarity, reveals your unconscious knowledge, and helps you find the right conclusions faster and easier.

This stone has such a strong grounding energy that it will bring you back to the present moment no matter where your mind is. It helps relieve unhealthy connections to old wounds and unnecessary worries about the future.



Aventurine Crystal Pyramid

Seeing what you want to show off to others, you can transform into an enviable green-eyed monster. If you’re not careful, you may even spend money that you really can’t afford. Aventurine helps eliminate jealousy and the need to compare yourself to others. It also provides focus and strength to help you get your money goals on track.

This stone alleviates the money-related emotional obstruction that may itself be the root cause of the lack of abundance (and you want abundance, well, Abundant, Ty). Sleep with calcite near you at night to relieve your money worries.



Polished malachite with South African chrysocolla

This rock draws out your inner warrior and gives you affirmation, courage, and confidence to pursue your real life goals. Sometimes you can think too much and doubt yourself, and this rock can help you overcome those unwelcome thoughts.



Obsidian tower

This stone will drive away all haters. Store it in your front door to protect the energy field of your home, or store it nearby after a hurt encounter to neutralize protracted negativity. Obsidian removes the toxic energy remaining in your body and mentally heals the (figurative) daggers that others have stabbed in your back.


Tiger’s eye

Raw tiger’s eye crystal

Taurus, security is required. But that feeling is reflected in your life, and Tiger’s Eye guides you towards it. It will help you keep your balance and find your foothold whenever life gets you off track. It facilitates difficult transitions and allows you to regain stability when everything around you is changing.


Rose quartz

Rose quartz

It is a stress relief QUEEN in the crystal world. Rose Quartz is a calm, healing and peaceful crystal that promotes self-love and self-esteem and helps stop others from sticking to what they think of you. If you have been suffering lately, this crystal will help you put them aside and return to your frivolous and wonderful self.


Blue lace agate

Blue lace agate crystal matrix

This crystal rejuvenates the throat chakra and enhances self-expression, speech and clarity. Great for public speaking, presentations, pitches (everything you dislike), as well as calm and compassionate handling of difficult conversations.



Raw Kunzite earrings

Kunzite is a natural emotional healing stone and a natural source of lithium. If you are having a hard time, bring this stone closer. It can help balance your mood.

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Rutile quartz

Rutile Smoky Quartz Point

This is a crystal of determination — some might say it’s necessary! It has fast and careful vibrations and helps you zoom in on the core of the problem at hand. It will help you make your decision to the best result.



Fallen Mukite

This crystal is used to regain a carefree, youthful and energetic mood, helping the torus follow the flow. Mookaite also helps improve mental and physical performance.


Blue aragonite

Aragonite Blue Tumble

To get the most out of aragonite, use aragonite for extended periods of time. Keep it under your pillow or in your wallet. Aragonite helps relieve pain, heal emotional wounds, and find compassion for yourself and others. Use it when you want to go ahead and feel bright. Think of it as an emotional ally.



Black onyx tumble gemstone

This hard-working stone will help you feel strong and strong. When you’re scared, onyx helps build your spine, self-confidence, and vitality.



Sodalite Sphere

Sodalite helps open and balance the throat chakra, allowing you to express yourself clearly and confidently. It also enhances your intuition, so you can act wisely and wisely. This is a great relationship building stone.

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