The Best Hilary Duff Throwback Fashion Moments

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That year was 2001, when boot-cut jeans broke behind from the frequency of accidental steps and only understood how to make a mixed CD. If you put it on the spot, you can hit 100% of all the harmonies of “Lady Marmalade”. What is your favorite movie? Legally blonde With the side of Knight’s story.. Your style icon? Hilary Duff with certain model aspects from the Delia * catalog.

And when it comes to Hills, I’ll go ahead and assume you’ve forgotten her bolder, and some iconic fashion choices. Probably intentionally.But we’re here to remind you of all the hillary-style moments you were completely absorbed in back to middle school / high school / elementary school (so here with me because you don’t know how old you are) Go Together)-From Her Platform Sandals-Beach Sandals, Her Aesthetic Scarf That Didn’t Serve Functional Purposes, Really Bald The number of cropped pants.

What I’m saying here is that all the clothes Hillary has set foot on so far looked incredible. Frankly, I’m still wearing about half of the clothes in this gallery. Well, less than half. Maybe a quarter. Anyway, you have to get away from these throwback photos and reach for the closest available pair of bootcut jeans and let your mom dig a garage and mail you the rest of your early wardrobe. For example, I don’t even know what to think, goodbye!

1 43 of

This useless fabric disguised as a cardigan

* Buy used shrugs right away on eBay *

2 43 of

The rise of these jeans

This fly length is a personal attack on me.

3 43 of

This scarf

Hello and welcome to Hillary’s scarf era. ™

Four 43 of

And this scarf

Does anyone know who knit this? I just want to talk.

Five 43 of

And frankly, this scarf too

I know what you are thinking: is this a choker for sure? No, it’s not. It’s a scarf. It’s never a scarf.

6 43 of

These fondatch pants

Straight bangs ✅ curl hair ✅ fondutch pants ✅

7 43 of

This double layer tank top

Why stop by one cotton tank top when you can layer two cotton tank tops? Additional points if it matches the clip-in hair streak.

8 43 of

And this layered tank

Is the tank top also a tank top if it is not layered? Do you need air to breathe? Both rhetorical questions.

9 43 of

These platform snow boots

If you Did not Wearing these with leggings and calling them costumes, I don’t know what you were doing!

Ten 43 of

These pinstripes pants

Who else asked their mom to take them to a hot topic for pinstripes pants? We will overcome this trauma together!

11 11 43 of

These little little spaghetti straps

The thinner the strap, the closer you are to God.

12 43 of

This poncho

If it’s wrong to wear a chunky knit poncho at the 2005 DVD Exclusive Awards, I don’t want to be right.

13 43 of

These chunky beaded necklaces

10/10 was convinced that my mother bought me these in 2005 at a local Talbot.

14 43 of

These strap sandals

All of this look is perfect and timeless and you won’t hear it any other way!

15 43 of

This dress at the moment of pants

Why commit to pants and dresses when you can wear both?

16 16 43 of

These platform flip flops

See-through jelly tops !!!! I’m sick !!!

17 17 43 of

This emo newsboy cap

Travis and Courtney are shaking.

18 18 43 of

This Entiiiiiiiire ​​look

turtleneck. Boot-cut jeans that were torn aggressively. The rise of those aggressively torn boot-cut jeans. Duffel bag. Matte eyeshadow. All of it.

19 19 43 of

This red carpet moment

Hillary’s green dress Cheap with 12 dads 2 The premiere walked to run J.Lo’s green dress at the Grammy Awards.

20 43 of

This chain belt

Notice that we are going through 0/10 of the loop.

twenty one 43 of

And this chain

If you don’t have a wallet, you can always attach the wallet chain to the belt loop.

twenty two 43 of

This oversized shirt

When in doubt, steal your shirt from your dad’s closet, uselessly fasten your belt, put on your leggings, and call it a day.

twenty three 43 of

This whole atmosphere

If you need to deliver a newspaper at noon 1940 and have a P. Diddy white party at 10 pm

twenty four 43 of

This Herve Leger

If you didn’t wear Hervé Léger in 2009, you weren’t a real celebrity.

twenty five 43 of

This thick belt

Like a friend a few years ago, this belt doesn’t do any work to lift Hillary’s trousers.

26 43 of

These burnt velvet flares

To be honest, I will wear it today.

27 43 of

Anything … this is

I’m looking at these shoes.

28 28 43 of

These Uggs

Without a matching little dog in the bag, the Ugg pair wouldn’t be complete.

29 43 of

This floor length cardigan

For when shrugging your shoulders doesn’t cut it.

30 43 of

This iconic moment

You can literally hear this photo.

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