The Covid-19 Vaccine: To Fear or Not to Fear

As I passed by my neighborhood Walgreens, I wanted to stop for a moment, casually look into the large storefront window, and get a glimpse of the people vaccinated with the Covid vaccine. After more than a year of masking, quarantine, and increasing social distance, I finally qualified for me, but I continued to postpone it. Is it that day today? I scanned the room. There was anxiety and anxiety, relief and relaxation. Someone leaving the store opened the door for me, just as I was trying to read their faces and hearts. I immediately turned around and left.

When I got home, I wondered why I hesitated to receive this life-saving, life-changing vaccine. Everyone I knew was already fully vaccinated. Inquiries from family and friends continued, and I was running out of excuses. I’m waiting for my qualification. I’m waiting until they get more availability. I’m waiting for more appointments to open.

Obviously I was waiting. But for what? I always thought I was a practitioner who trusted science and believed in facts. My resistance was becoming an existential crisis. I began to question my values, beliefs, and what they would look like in a tin foil hat. I needed more information before I could slide further down the rabbit hole of personal excitement.

1 in 4 Americans They say they reject the coronavirus vaccine. An additional 5% is “undecided”. That number was the highest among Republican men and rural residents, but a significant number of people of all ages and demographics claim they would say “no.” I don’t know what would happen if the demographic rock step with a “Republican man” wasn’t enough to roll up his sleeves and scream at Walgreens.

No one is immune to the pandemic’s unique challenge poses. They reveal how deeply our destiny is intertwined. “Scientists estimate it 70 to 90 percent To reach herd immunity, some people in the entire population need to develop resistance to the virus. Currently, about 31% of adults in the United States are fully vaccinated. “

While the vaccine eradicated smallpox and polio, it was before Big Pharma began selling prescription drugs for profit. When asked who owns the polio vaccine patent Virgologist Jonas Salk He said, “Well, people, I would say. No patents. Can you patent the sun?” Soak’s refusal to patent the polio vaccine is unprecedented today. Pharmaceutical companies sell medicines to the public in a way that Nike sells sneakers and used car salesmen try to move the last Buick out of the lot. The United States and New Zealand are the only two countries where direct advertising to consumers of prescription drugs is even legal.And who can forget “Pharmabro” Martin Shreli’s cruel and compassionate 5,000 percent life-saving drug price increase from $ 13.50 to $ 750.

Skepticism about the pharmaceutical industry may be justified, but we must be careful not to throw the baby out of the bath water. Johnson & Johnson The vaccine was recently discontinued after eight cases of severe blood clots were reported, after 7.4 million Americans received injections.

It may not be possible to fully understand the motivations for people to act and not. Maybe some people don’t want things to get back to normal.Maybe the virus Mother nature Telephone card for course correction.

During the blockade, Nature seemed to be healed.. Wildlife seemed to enjoy the empty streets, but the air was clean when there was less traffic. “This spring, people stayed at home and didn’t drive, reducing CO2 emissions by 17% … Years of inequality and systematic racism have created an” unequal environmental mosaic. “

The spring of 2020 has shown a promise of long-term systematic change in our lifestyle. Perhaps vaccination against the more insidious virus that continues to endanger the population and the planet is needed. Maybe we need to rethink our relationship with the Earth and our relationship with each other. Or maybe this was just another rationalization to stall the inevitable.

One night, looking at an old vaccination record, I came across a letter my mother sent me during a particularly difficult time in my life. I was faced with anxious avalanche by making difficult decisions. Put simply,”Courage is not a lack of fear.It’s afraid and doing it anyway.. “

Shortly after returning to Walgreens, this time across the window, I’m waiting for vaccination. No one is unaffected by fear, but on the other side is courage and clarity.

Barbara Jacobs is a New York-based writer and commentator. She is also an award-winning songwriter whose work has been featured in movies and television.

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