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‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Ending Explained – Hollywood Life

Celebrities‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Ending Explained – Hollywood Life

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Din Zarin and Grogu were a force to be reckoned with the mandalorian Season 3. Disney+ released the finale episode on April 19 featuring Mando (pedro pascal) and Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) for a final showdown. The finale had a lot of great moments that set the stage for what’s to come in Season 4.

so what happened in the end the mandalorian season 3? What was the major development in Mando and Grogu’s relationship? is here the mandalorian Season 3 ending explained.

how did the mandalorian Season 3 over?

the mandalorian
The Mandalorian (Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney+)

last episode of the mandalorian Season 3 begins with Mando and Grogu captured by Moff Gideon and the Imperial Remnant’s storm troopers. Grugu helps rescue Mando and they seek out Moff to defeat him once and for all. He learns that Moff is trying to clone himself with the goal of killing all Mandalorians by Dr. Using Pershing’s technique. Mando destroys the entire lab, though there is still a chance that there could be more Moff clones out there. Mando and Grogu are attacked by Moff and his Praetorian Guard, leading to an epic battle.

Meanwhile, Bo-Katan (katie sackhoff) and his fellow Mandalorians retreat to the Great Forge after Paz Wissla sacrifices himself to let the Imperial troops escape. As the Mandalorians bravely face their enemies, the X Wolves decide to blow up a ship at the Imperial base. Bo-Katan knows that Mando and Grogu need her help and joins them in their fight against the Moff.

the darksaber is destroyed

Katie Sackoff
Katee Sackoff in ‘The Mandalorian’ (Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney+)

The Darksaber was once owned by Bo-Katan before it ended up in the Moff’s possession, only for Mando to retrieve it and return it to its rightful owner. Bo-Katan uses the Darksaber during his fight with the Moff, but the Moff overpowers him and crushes the weapon with his fist, completely destroying it. That moment comes as a huge blow to Bo-Katan and all Mandalorians.

moff gideon dies

Giancarlo Esposito
Giancarlo Esposito in ‘The Mandalorian’ (Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney+)

Moff destroys the Darksaber, but is eventually overpowered during his fight with Mando and Bo-Katan. He meets his apparent demise when a ship crashes into the Imperial base of the X Wolves Moff, and the explosion seemingly kills him. of course, in star wars Anything can happen in the world, but it looks like Moff Gideon is gone forever. Luckily, Mando and Bo-Katan do not meet the same fate, thanks to Grogu, who uses the Force to save them from the explosion.

Din Zareen adopts Grugu

With Moff Gideon defeated, and Bo-Katan named the official leader of the Mandalorians on Mandalore, Mando decides the time has come to make Grugu his official apprentice. He meets The Armorer (emily swallows), who tells Mando that Grogu needs parental approval. Therefore, Mando formally adopts Grogu as his son, and Grogu becomes known as “Din Grogu”, the Mandalorian apprentice to Mando.

The season ends with Mando and Grogu agreeing to work with the High Republic to protect the Outer Rim. Together they move into a small cabin in Navarro as they await their next big mission. Season 4, which has been written but has not yet begun filming, will continue Mando and Grogu’s adventures across the galaxy.

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