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The ‘Shaky’ Star On Luna & Jackson’s Romance & Season 2 (Exclusive) – Hollywood Life

CelebritiesThe ‘Shaky’ Star On Luna & Jackson’s Romance & Season 2 (Exclusive) – Hollywood Life


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Rachel Marsh Luna herself all Alice (Rob Lowe) and Jackson Dragon (John Owen LoweNetflix first season ups and downs Unstable, Being a dragon scientist, Luna teams up with her best friend and colleague Ruby as father and son. During the first season, it became clear that Luna and Jackson had feelings for each other, resulting in a sweet finale kiss. HollywoodLife spoke exclusively with Rachel about the making of the Luna and Jackson romance.

Rachel Marsh
Rachel Marsh as Luna. (Netflix)

“I love it. I don’t know where it’s going to go in Season 2, but I loved exploring it in Season 1,” Rachel said. “I think it’s very special for two people who are awkward and have similar social anxiety to find friendship. I think it was really important for them to lay a foundation and then to explore a new relationship, a new romance, and it was a lot of fun. I think it was already super fun for me to play this character with no self-awareness, and then it was super fun for him to be the love interest. For me, it was two things I’ve never done before on a TV show so hopefully there’s more to Luna and Jackson. I love writing and shows. So whatever they want to do, I am going to do everything for that.

Astute avoided trying to pit two women against each other because of a boy. Luna and Ruby’s friendship was always strong and supportive, in and out of the lab. Turns out, it was the same for Rachel and Emma Ferreira Too.

“She didn’t know anyone in L.A., so we spent every day together,” Rachel revealed. “I, Emma, ​​and aaron [Branch] We would just go out for dinner after shooting and just hang out every second. I think that really built this trust between me and him, which I hope you can see in the scenes. We both really trusted each other for these characters. I really loved the dynamic of a best friend in a TV show, and I think that’s something that people really want to see but don’t get to see very often, especially when there’s a love interest. Sometimes it can get really competitive, and I love that the writing didn’t really go there. They were like, no, we really value this relationship more than any kind of love affair or love triangle. I think my favorite thing was how special the writing was and how it didn’t make it competitive at all.

She continued, “I think the thing that we found together is friendship. I’m sure that’s a very common thing in workplace settings, especially in science settings where it’s very competitive. A lot of the top women aren’t, and I think that was really special for us to portray. We were always trying to get it right. We had an on-set scientist, and she would show us how to do something .

For most of the season, Luna had an offscreen boyfriend named Brian. They bonded over watching a Dateline episode, but the relationship was never a place where Luna could truly flourish. After some encouragement and mentoring, Luna breaks things off with Brian.

Rachel Marsh Emma Ferreira
Rachel Marsh and Emma Ferreira as Luna and Ruby. (Netflix)

“I think it was really hard for Luna to stand up for herself like that,” Rachel said. HollywoodLife, “I love that her journey throughout the season is one of a kind. It’s just about learning to speak and finding your voice. I think he really did it for himself. I don’t know how long they were dating. maybe years. It was a long time coming. I loved that the show really portrayed that something really difficult is something that Luna and Ruby can go through together. I love Brian though. I have a soft spot in my heart for Brian.”

Rachel is already anticipating where Luna’s journey could go in a potential second season. “I would love for Luna to go through something even more challenging. She really stood up for herself and broke up with her boyfriend, but maybe there was something challenging in the workplace,” she said. “Maybe trying to get a promotion or changing positions or something where she already has to be herself in a different way, I think that would be a lot of fun. Obviously, more shenanigans with Ruby and Malcolm having an equal relationship. I just love these light comedies. i grew up with Parks and Rec Where it’s not really about the workplace, but it’s really about the relationships and what they do together. i love the whole ensemble cast UnstableAnd I want to see we go through a whole lot of big, weird situations and what that’s going to look like for the series.

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