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What do Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell have in common, except that they are some of the most famous supermodels of the 90’s?They were all cosmopolitan Covers the star as the editor-in-chief of Helen Gurley Brown’s influential era.Helen makesover Cosmo In a magazine about * real * women’s issues, articles on gender, love, relationships, and even contraception. Believe it or not, all the topics that were pretty much considered “scandalous” at the time.Basically, Helen’s makeover Cosmo— Debuted as a “family magazine” in 1886 and later became known as a literary magazine in the first half of the 20th century —It was completely radical. And while much of Helen’s advice now feels quite outdated and certainly lacks crossing, she can and enjoys sex regardless of whether the woman is married or not. I’ve done a lot to normalize the idea that it should be.

Despite criticism from some conservatives that too Progressive, Helen maintains editor-in-chief status Cosmo From 1965 to the 90’s, she created many iconic cover moments in her time, featuring the largest models in the industry. As Helen celebrates her 100th anniversary on February 18, let’s walk the path of her memories and see some of her favorite covers from her reign as EIC.

(Note that the coverline you’re about to see is read as a bit retro, as it reflects the time it was printed. Thankfully, women’s magazines have made great strides since the 1970s. .)

1 20

July 1965

The first issue of Helen! She would still be reading the article “She’s crazy about the world’s greatest lover,” I can’t lie.

2 20

August 1968

Looking for this exact crochet top to wear at this summer’s picnic szn, thank you.

3 20

June 1969

If you want tips for Helen’s cocktail party, get June 1969 CosmoAvailable at newspaper stores now Over 50 years ago.

Four 20

November 1970

Let’s just say that the cover line for abortion was ahead of its time. 👏

Five 20

May 1971

When to return Cosmo It included instructions on how to “make your own patchwork pouf bikini”.

6 20

April 1973

This beauty is Barbara Carrera, a model that covered the November 1970 cover a few times ago!

7 20

May 1977

When you have Dr. Atkins namedropping, you know you’re looking at a throwback cover!

8 20

July 1980

Swimsuit at home on Instagram feed in 2022.

9 20

December 1983

No she doesn’t look Like Brooke Shields — her teeth Brooke Shields.

Ten 20

October 1986

Don’t say you’re the cover of an 80’s magazine, say you’re the cover of an 80’s magazine.

11 11 20

February 1988

In Shawn Mendes’ immortal words: it gives shale.

12 20

September 1988

Love that this cover implies that Bruce Willis hides a deep and dark secret.

13 20

February 1990

The petition for Naomi Campbell to decorate all covers in the future, the end.

14 20

March 1990

… or Linda Evangelista if Naomi is busy.

15 20

May 1990

That is, everything is written on the cover: the magnificent Madonna.

16 16 20

May 1993

Yeah, even Kate Moss Cosmo cover.

18 18 20

February 1995

Is Christy Turlington in a party dress barefoot? Her overall mood.

19 19 20

May 1994

Helen committed to feminism throughout her career and provided a “special update” on the subject with a 21-page spread.

20 20

December 1996

If Helen finds a 90’s date embarrassing, imagine what she made on Tinder.

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