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Top 10 divas set pantsuits on fire

CelebritiesTop 10 divas set pantsuits on fire

Storyline spoiler alert: The last few episodes were about the love story of Katha and Viaan, where Tejji ,Bidisha Ghosh Sharma), Reet (Jasveen Kaur), and Kailash Garewal (Girish Sahdev) Everyone was against their love story. On the other end, Neerja ji (Preeti Amin) explains to Katha that Viaan is the one who can enter her heart if she allows him. Farah manipulates Tejji, as she does not want Katha and Viaan to reunite. Because Farah (Priyavada Singh) knows that Ehsaan (Samar Vermani) loves him too. Let’s see whether Kailash Garewal or Tejji agree or not. It seems that if seen in today’s episode, Katha also feels something for Viaan.

Katha Anki Upcoming Twist

The upcoming episode of Katha is going to be very interesting as the next track is the party scene, in which Katha may also realize her feelings. Katha (Aditi Sharma) is on an adventure with her Earthcon family in Lonavala where we see Viaan (Adnan Khan) gets hurt and Katha takes care of him. On the other hand, we can see Kavita Garewal explaining to Kailash Garewal that if Viaan and Katha like each other, then what is the problem with her or Tejji?

The pairing of Aarav Viaan and Katha becomes producer

In the future episode of Katha Anki, we will see that Aarav wants to go on a school trip where both his friend Robin and his mother can be observers; We will also see that on this school trip, Katha finally meets Aarav’s best friend Robin, and she is shocked to see that Viaan is with Raghuvanshi; On the other hand, Viaan is also shocked to see Katha but may enjoy himself and he expresses his feelings. The audience is very eager to watch this episode. Katha and Viaan can finally get married and we can see Aarav convincing his mother to remarry with his best friend Robin aka Viaan.

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