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The beginning of the new year gives all kinds of inspiration to our lives. You just need to glance at your IG feed for proof. Everyone wants to leave last year’s negative energy behind and embrace a fresh outlook.

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A new start can take many forms.You have a new hairstyle, a new Lip colorOr — my favorite strategy — do a January sale shopping to refresh your wardrobe.

January sales usually offer significant discounts on winter items such as tall boots, wool coats and chunky sweaters. Your favorite retailer is cleaning up the fall / winter collections to create space for spring and summer. So it’s almost stupid to wait if a chic sweater or cozy coat is on your wishlist. They are marked down, people! Now is the time.

In addition, a good post-holiday sale is an excuse to delve into new looks and styles you’ve never thought of before. Here are some of the works I love to start your year with your right foot.

January Sale Shopping: What to Buy

1. Blazer that can be worn anywhere

Pinstripe blazer released in January at Nordstrom.

You need something like this for the days in the meantime when snow and ice haven’t fully appeared yet Free people pinstripe blazer It can be seen through. It’s classy and comfortable — that is, when you don’t see miles of abdominal muscles below. Oh, and this blazer is now 40% off! The regular price is $ 168, but Nordstrom has reduced it to $ 99.

Most of us wear this blazer on a casual day White tea And jeans. When you head to the office, the blazer also wears nicely over tailored trousers and blouses.

2. Fun sweatshirt

Rebecca Minkoff's striped sweatshirt was launched in January.

You may have forgotten a few things in the new year, but you like to wear cozy clothes Winter loungewear You may not go anywhere.

You may be in sweat and jogging modes on weekends, but you can easily dress up for even the most discreet looks by replacing the basic tops with this one. Rebecca Minkoff striped sweatshirt. Drop shoulders and bold pink and green color combos for comfort Momentary style perfectly.

This designer piece is available now for $ 59, a discount from $ 118.

A woman wearing an olive green twisted dress.

Solid Twist Dress-19 $ Plus Shipping Buy Bernie..

3. A pair of practical boots

Boot styles change with the seasons. Do you remember sock boots? 2018 was very hot, but now the style looks outdated.

This is a warning. If you want to invest in boots while shopping for the January sale, choose the classic riding boot style. You can wear it for the rest of the winter or slip off the next fall.

Black tall boots released in January by Saks Off Fifth.

They are Penelope black boots In addition to its classic styling, it has thick heels for some edges. The best place? They are waterproof. Don’t compromise your look to keep those toes dry — wow!

The price is $ 100, discounted from $ 200. The sizes of these babies are sold out quickly, so if you love them you need to act fast.

4. Glittering top

Why limit your glittering self to the holiday season? Unleash your love for everything that shines and shines all year round. It can be a shining time at any time.

In addition, glittering clothing will be available this month and will be easy to find. Retailers believe that sequins were completed after NYE, but what do they know?

A green shimmering button-down blouse for sale at Nordstrom.

The Jeannie Mai XINC Sheer Sequin Shirt This is a good example. The top is a spectacular combo of rich greens and sequins. You can put it in smooth jeans, slide it under a blazer, or wear it instead of a regular white T-shirt. You will love how it gives all outfits a more fashionable twist. Or if you prefer something more subtle, there is also a cream version.

This top is available in the closet for $ 55, a discount from $ 109.

5. Trendy sweater

If your usual sweater is more practical and easy, January is the perfect time to try something out of your comfort zone. Look for bold textures instead of bright colors (sweaters can feel inaccessible).

Heather Chai's Everlane cloud turtleneck.

Something like this Everlane Cloud Turtleneck It fits the bill well. Heavy ribs on the drop shoulders and cuffs, hemline and neckline make the sweater stand out from the same old, the same old. You can work by wearing it under a long blazer with structured skinny pants. However, it’s warm and cozy enough to be worn with jeans on the weekends.

Get it now Everlane At $ 75, the price has been reduced from $ 150.

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