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The Vice President of Kamala Harris is already iconoclasm: a woman of color standing one heartbeat away from the Oval Office. With the deadly plague, the collapsed economy, and the polarized masses … the job of governance will grow. It grew when the Capitol was invaded.

Much bigger hellova.

It is almost impossible to support the weight of these crises, but only in the last half century have four shoulders, instead of two, been able to withstand the load. Most of us assume that the President and Vice President of the United States were intended to be true collaborators. it’s not. For most of our history, the Vice President was chosen primarily for political balance — usually geographical and ideological. But in 1992, Bill Clinton tapped his political doppelganger, Al Gore. He is a young, southern, moderate Ivy League, and even a reborn Baptist. Senator Gore brought a federal chop of the Governor of Arkansas. Their legendary collaboration was called “Partnership Presidential” by Harvard University and Brookings Institution political scientist Elene Camalck.

The words sound intuitive, but it’s a difficult balance to strike. Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Trump shared the White House with a brute force chainy and a desperately helpless pence. But notably, from 2009 to 2017, the world was obsessed with a partnership that was a complete romance. In the alchemy of power, the Vice President’s DC experience tasted the President’s bold hopes. Political power sharing has reached new heights. Biden was Obama’s alter ego, the first and last “in the room where it happened.”

Given this background, it’s no wonder Joe Biden set Kamala Harris aside. The new government is not called by one name, but is hyphenated like a modern marriage: “Biden-Harris”.Amy Allison, founder She is peopleIs a highly respected leader in the political empowerment of black women. She calls these optics “a hopeful and necessary sign in the midst of the darkest hours in our country.” In fact, a few days before her inauguration, when Harris told National Public Radio that she and her new boss would be the “perfect partner” of governance, she boldly but carefully spoke her words. I chose.

The vice president swore her unusual vow. Obviously, there are concerns that the president will be a octet by the end of this term. But, in addition to age transitions, he faces an unprecedented threat to his life, as the attacks on the Capitol (and riots across the country) remind us. The new VP doesn’t just have to stand with Joe Biden. Unlike other Vice Presidents in recent history, she needs to be ready to intervene.

The Vice President will be strongly and stretched over the next few years to confront the crisis posed by foreign troops, domestic demons, and micro-threats that will embrace everything in mild times. She will continue to be loyal to the president’s partner. Her political fate will be influenced by the government’s success in bringing stability and unity similarities to the country.

I’m sure she will thrive as Vice President, and if she gets her party nomination after Biden, Kamala Harris is not only a woman but also a highly qualified presidential candidate Hillary -Will join Rodham Clinton. That said, she has to take on the same malicious forces as HRC. Social toxins such as sexism and racism. And — please God, isn’t it Trump as her enemy?

Despite the storm already, President Biden Harris will correct the state ship. Let’s hope that President Harris’s candidacy will be a fair battle with the rise of women’s political power and the swell of marginalized voices. Whether or not our new Vice President will revolutionize our notion of national top leadership.

She is not blown by the wind. In the best way she will be in the wind.

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About the author: Swanny HuntFormer US Ambassador to Austria, is the founder of the Women and Public Policy Program. Harvard Kennedy School of Government And founder Earthquake shiftAn initiative dedicated to increasing the number of high-ranking women.

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