Was Julia Fox and Kanye West’s Relationship Real?

The first 6 weeks of 2022, Julia Fox When Kanye West It was an advertising machine. The actress and rapper are connected by NYE, Officially finished by Valentine’s DayHowever, when measured in media coverage to “make the most of time”, they really made the most of that time (their Relationship timeline As proof).

It looked like Julia and Ye’s * whole * romance Documented in real-time, in-depth detail, she is out and proves that there are still new Julie facts to learn.Here are some of her most interesting bites she gave to the world during a new interview with her world New York Times (Where from Milan She lives her best fashion week life It will be Versace’s “human-sized sign”).

Julia claims that her date with Kanye West did not change her.

With Pre-Kanye Julia Post-Kanye Julia Exactly the same (according to Post-Kanye Julia). However, Post-Kanye Julia has a new wardrobe and PhD.

“I’m still 1,000 percent me,” she said. “Nothing has changed, except that being around Kanye was like a short-term intensive course on how to become famous.”

The date with Kanye was a busy and stressful AF.

Julia says she ended the relationship because she had too many relationships.

“I did my best to make it work,” she explained. “I was already living a packed life. How do I adapt this really big personality to this already fulfilling life? It wasn’t sustainable. I lost like £ 15 that month. I did. ”

The relationship between Julia and Kanye was real.

When asked clearly whether the relationship was genuine or a promotional stunt, Julia replied with professionally unambiguous ambiguity that would probably help in embarking on a promotional stuntship. It was real. ”

She did not * formally * audition to become Kanye’s girlfriend.

The NYT Reporters also asked Julia about rumors that she had interviewed about the “work” that she was a promotional stunt GF for Kanye.

“I certainly felt like he was his girlfriend,” she said. “But I also felt like I was cast in the role of his girlfriend. And he was casting me. He was an orchestra of all. It really feels like a movie. I did. ”

She believes Kanye must be “stupid” in order to publicly divulge private information about her.

Julia was also asked about her life after you. Specifically, if you’re worried about chasing her on her social media or sharing what you want to keep her private. Because of her record, she isn’t.

“He doesn’t want to open the door with me,” she said. “If you come for me, I’m going for you. And I’m really good at coming for people. I just go straight to the jugular vein. He does it. I don’t think it’s stupid enough. ”

Oh, and in connection with that, when asked if she signed a nondisclosure agreement that would prevent such retaliation, her answer was very simple and very clear: “No.”


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