Weekly Tarot Card Fortune-telling Horoscope, February 14, 2022

To get the most out of reading tarot cards, you don’t need to know the difference between the three cards and the spread of the Celtic cross. All you need is a horoscope. Here’s what I’m doing: Shuffle the tarot deck and withdraw cards in order from Aries to Pisces. In addition, withdraw one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice on your personality. Alright, let’s go!

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General card for everyone: Moon

Tarot card of the moon showing the hand holding the full moon

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Our collective card this week is the moon. This means that there are mysteries to solve and secrets to reveal. Are you ready to dig? Don’t take things at face value this week. Look behind the curtain to see who is pulling the string. Solve the mystery as it may change your decisions and future behavior.

Aries: Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands tarot card, black and white hands holding a golden key above the full moon

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Ace of Wands gives you permission to start something new, exciting, life-affirming and uniquely suited to your strengths and interests. This could be a new class, hobby, lifestyle change, or social activity, but whatever it is, it’s completely new and different. Guided by your interests and passions. This is just the beginning.

Taurus: 5 swords

Cosmo Tarot Card Shows 5 swords, 5 golden pens surrounded by eyes

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The Five of Swords show that you feel you are in conflict with someone who is important to you. These divisions occur, and the best thing to do is to work together to solve the problem. If things are really irreparable, agree to disagree and break up on the best possible terms. Don’t make things worse.

Gemini: Justice

Tarot card justice, showing a golden picture frame and hands reaching out to catch a teardrop-shaped diamond over a dark starry sky

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You are known to be a little shaded so far when it comes to doing the right thing. You are flexible, astute, practical, and do something meaningful at the moment. Justice urges you to do the right thing this week when a moral dilemma comes your way, even if it means you have to make a sacrifice. In the future you will thank you, I promise.

Cancer: 4 cups

The tarot card is 4 cups, 4 golden cups are displayed in front of a huge

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Cancer, don’t let you down. Don’t focus on negatives. Shake yourself from the little mood of this four of cups. You take your advantage for granted and compare yourself to the disadvantages of others. You are wonderful, strong, and competent. Rekindle your love for who you are and what you have.

Leo: 6 swords

Tarot card with 6 swords. There are six golden pens on a blue and white background and a diamond on the front wheel.

Owned by Hurst

Have you been feeling calm lately? Six of Swords suggests you have and you are ready to move forward. You have simply gone beyond your surroundings. I thought of it, but it was a good day. Take action and you won’t regret it. This will be healing and will begin a new path full of growth potential.

Virgo: Lover

Lover's tarot card, showing three lips in a starry sky with a full moon on both sides

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You’re usually pretty good at making decisions and knowing where you’re standing, but this week your lovers bring you confusing energy. Temptation may cloud your judgment. You’re separated from something you think is important by something you feel might be wrong, but it’s also fascinating. Virgo, stable and think twice. Do not act on the basis of impulsivity. Be rational.

Libra: The High Priestess

The High Priestess Tarot Card. There is a red lipstick and diamond earrings on the lower half of the black woman's face, and a full moon behind.

Owned by Hurst

The High Priestess is a mysterious card of reflexes, mental abilities, inner knowledge, and intuition. This is a week to pay close attention to your instincts, dreams, and ideas. Everything worth listening to comes from within, so give yourself time to think, daydream, diary, and brainstorm. You feel special insight and wiseness.


Pentagon king tarot card, displaying a golden clock on a diamond

Owned by Hurst

This is a great week to organize all your business or legal affairs. (Maybe you pay your taxes?) The Pentagon King brings practical, wise and worldly energy to your material landscape. Money, home, paperwork, careers, and even health are areas to consider in the light of recent events. Make sure everything is managed, properly managed and functioning. If not, it’s time to get some advice and make changes. You are in control.

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Sagittarius: Knight of the Five-Pointed Star

Five-pointed knight tarot card showing a golden clock

Owned by Hurst

Check out Sagittarius, your finances this week. Look a year ahead and anticipate budget changes and try to balance your books. Do you need adjustments? Can you reduce your expenses? Should you start investing? Get advice from a professional or talk to someone you can trust. The Pentagon Knight is a nudge to make sure your financial management can withstand the pressure.

Capricorn: Temperance

Two hands above the eyes, two diamonds, and a modest tarot card showing the full moon

Owned by Hurst

Recently, I’m feeling sick and out of balance. Security and warranty are important to you. Temperance reveals that this mood is waning this week and you will find your foothold again. Things are changing and you have tried to catch up with your ~ new normal ~. It will take some time, but it will be soon. From this week, you will feel like your old self again.

Aquarius – 4 pentagons

The four tarot cards are pentagonal, indicating that two hands are holding the clock and three more are underneath.

Owned by Hurst

Boredom is not your friend. You can’t stand feeling indifferent to your surroundings. But the Four of Pentacles show that if you don’t shake some of this week’s routines, you’re at risk. Winter often puts us in a dormant state, but spring is coming. It’s time to broaden your horizons, start moving, and seek everything new.

Pisces: King

Tarot card, the king of wands, showing the golden key on the full moon

Owned by Hurst

A big adventure is waiting for you this week, Uoza. Are you ready? The King of Wands brings new, exciting and vast opportunities to your world, and you just have to say “yes”. This could include a trip, an exciting new relationship (perhaps a relationship with a fire sign), or a project for a new role or job. If you find it exciting and motivating, do it, even if it scares you a little. It’s time to leave your comfort zone.

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