Weekly Tarot Card Fortune-telling Horoscope, February 7, 2022

To get the most out of reading tarot cards, you don’t need to know the difference between the three cards and the spread of the Celtic cross. All you need is a horoscope. Here’s what I’m doing: Shuffle the tarot deck and withdraw cards in order from Aries to Pisces. In addition, withdraw one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice on your personality. Alright, let’s go!

Common card for everyone: 7 cups

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This is a good week to dream big and indulge in your wildest fantasy. Retreat into the world of imagination and explore. Then go back to Earth and write down your ideas on a piece of paper. Don’t waste them! Listen to your inner voice that encourages you to do great things. Clarify your dreams — it all starts with recognizing what they are and prioritizing them.

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Aries: 3 cups

The tarot card is 3 cups and you will see 3 golden cups on the full moon

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Party permission, Aries! Seriously, the Three of Cups are YOLO cards that encourage you to get the most out of everything available. Life is short — don’t take it for granted. This week, now, be busy with great things and pursue life-affirming activities. Get your blood pump and your heart race.

Taurus: 5 Taurus

The tarot card shows 5 cups showing 5 golden goblets placed on a pink background

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Don’t be sad, Taurus! You have lived in something in the past and there is still no real reason it bothers you. It’s like picking a scab. It just stops the scab from healing. The Five of Cups is a tweak to change your gaze from your past to the future. Leave sadness and regret. Look forward to updating your spirit by planning something.

Gemini: Cup page

The tarot card is on the cup page with a golden goblet next to the hand

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Be creative on this week’s Gemini Agenda. Get paints / pens / scissors / threads / flour etc. Because you feel like making something. The Page of Cups encourages sound artistic projects and ingenious efforts to keep you busy. Anyway you are naturally creative. Maybe you can make a special Valentine’s Day gift for someone?

Cancer: 4 swords

The tarot card is four swords, four gold pens lined with diamonds.

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Four of Swords is a rest and relaxation card that encourages you to turn off your phone, cancel your plan, and rest at home. You may not know how much you are burned out until you actually quit. This timeout is required to recharge, restart, and readjust. Do this benefit yourself.

Leo: Circle of luck

The Cosmo Tarot Card is a wheel of fortune, showing that you are reaching out on an empty map.

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Leo turns the wheel of fortune. The only immutable part of life is the promise of change and further change. You can’t escape the changing sand, so learn to step lightly and walk on the sand. Take the risk and make the changes you want to see. Know that one push triggers a chain reaction of transformations.

Virgo: King of the Sword

Tarot card, king of swords. A golden pen is displayed in front of a collage of star-shaped diamonds, full moons, and circular maps.

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This week is all about making a long-term plan. It takes a week to harness ambitions and take concrete and practical steps to articulate the IRL. The King of Swords brings spiritual clarity, insight, and wisdom for successful and sustainable progress. You have this!

Libra: Pentacle Ace

The tarot card is a pentagonal ace, showing the hand holding the golden clock.

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The Ace of Pentacles is about long-term, sustainable improvements to our material world, including health, home, work and money. It’s about making good habits and sticking to them. Become your own life coach this week and find out what you can do. Small daily steps can lead to big leap.

Scorpio: 6 Hopes

The tarot card is a six wand with six golden keys floating in the air next to five black and white eye cutouts.

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Six of Wands knows you’re doing great things, so pop champagne, Scorpio. You have overcome many obstacles to get to where you are. Stop and thank you for your progress. Reward yourself! If you can’t celebrate this, what’s the point?

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Sagittarius: Star

A star tarot card showing a star-shaped diamond with lips on it

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Star is a card that fulfills Tarot’s wishes. What do you want? The higher the goal, the better the result, so don’t refrain from this week (you won’t be dominated by the abundance of Jupiter). If you don’t try, you won’t know if that will happen. Cosmos is backing your efforts this week — attach importance to it.

Capricorn: Moon

Tarot card of the moon showing the hand holding the full moon

Owned by Hurst

Something is happening, the cap, and you need to reach the bottom of it. The moon shows mysteries, illusions, plots, and secrets. Appears when you need to see what’s below it. ask a question. Please do not take what you are told at face value. By the end of this week, you will know what you need to know, and you can act on it.

Aquarius: Two Hopes

The tarot card is two wands with two golden keys on the pink sky and diamonds.

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Two of Wands is a rare card for you because you are usually a decisive and assertive person. It’s about drifting, not taking charge of it, but following the flow. At some point this week, you’re tired of this lack of strength and decide to make some choices again. Sometimes it’s good to just leave it alone and see what happens, but you fully understand this situation.

Pisces: 10 Hopes

The tarot card is a 10 wand, showing 10 keys coming in and out and reaching out.

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Ten of Wands is a ~ red flag ~ card about burnout, pressure, and overwork. You will be asked to slow down, streamline your schedule, and re-prioritize. If you don’t, you’ll quickly hit the wall and be forced to stop altogether. By reducing stress, you avoid a bigger crisis. Take care of yourself.

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