Weekly Tarot Card Reading Horoscope, March 7, 2022

To get the most out of reading tarot cards, you don’t need to know the difference between the three cards and the spread of the Celtic cross. All you need is a horoscope. Here’s what I’m doing: Shuffle the tarot deck and withdraw cards in order from Aries to Pisces. In addition, withdraw one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice on your personality. Alright, let’s go!

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Common cards for everyone: 7 of the pentagrams

Shows seven golden clocks on seven pentagonal tarot cards, eyes and diamonds

Owned by Hurst

Seven of Pentacles is a card that stands at a crossroads. It suggests that all of us take a long, rigorous look at our journey of life. What is still important? What serves that purpose and is ready for release? What are you missing or longing for? If you’ve been on this path for a long time, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck there. Take a deep breath to see what needs to be changed. It will start this week.

Aries: 5 cups

The tarot card shows 5 cups showing 5 golden goblets placed on a pink background

Owned by Hurst

Don’t be sad, Aries! The Five of Cups sees you ghosts coming from your past this week, and it’s someone or something that makes you feel some regret or sadness. Admit this feeling, but keep in mind that it’s just a response. What happened is a long time ago and there is nothing you need to do. Reminders sometimes appear, but disappear just as quickly. Don’t stick to this.

Taurus: Knight of Taurus

Tarot card cup knight, showing hand holding a golden goblet

Owned by Hurst

The Knight of Cups bring romance, big gestures, adventures and happiness to your life this week. have fun! Spend time with friends, unrequited love, and acquaintances. There will be lots of amazing surprises this week, so be sure to share your love. When you smile in the world, it will soon come back and smile (anyway this week).

Gemini: King of Swords

Tarot card, king of swords. A golden pen is displayed in front of a collage of star-shaped diamonds, full moons, and circular maps.

Owned by Hurst

The King of Swords represents one of your (many) personalities, which is also positive. This king reminds us this week to guarantee the future, think positively and develop strategies. You are in charge of your own destiny. Look ahead and see if the place you are heading matches what you really want. If not, make some changes to change the orbit. Now that you are in control, it’s time to use that power. Become the king of the sword.

Cancer: Pentacle Ace

The tarot card is a pentagonal ace, showing the hand holding the golden clock.

Owned by Hurst

Security is your priority, Cancer. To work well, you need to feel safe, protected, and stable. Ace of Pentacles sees you sow seeds and grow into flowers. Savings, investments, pensions, mortgages, debt repayments, etc. are all being considered this week to make you feel financially safe.

Leo: Queen of the Cup

Queen Tarot Card of the Cup, showing reaching out and holding a golden goblet

Owned by Hurst

You are an emotional and heartfelt person, Leo. You often feel things before you know or believe them, and your body has a lot of emotional intelligence. The Queen of Cups invites you to pay close attention to your body this week. Be aware of areas of stress and tension (headache, stiff shoulders, neck pain, upset stomach, etc.). Work to find the source or your pain, and try to solve them.

Virgo: Two Virgo

Two cup tarot cards showing two hands holding a gold goblet

Owned by Hurst

Virgo, your love life is alive and kicking this week, so make time for the other half, and / or try to be open to new love and friendships. Get closer to the people who stick for you, check in to you and help you when it matters. The signs of water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) are especially good for you now.

Libra: 5 Hopes

Cosmo Tarot Card Shows 5 wands, 5 keys placed between 2 hands

Owned by Hurst

When you are in the middle of a storm, the only way is to go through. Whatever you are dealing with, you are in the middle of it. The second stage will be much faster and easier, right? The Five of Wands sees you fighting something challenging. It’s a sacrifice, but it’s worth the fight. Keep things reasonably factual and try to focus on resolution as much as possible. Do not add fuel to the flame. The solution is closer than you think.

Scorpio: Pentagram

The tarot card is 10 pentagrams, and 10 gold coins are displayed in the green full moon sky.

Owned by Hurst

Celebrate long-term, positive and rewarding things in your life, such as friends, family, partners, and hobbies. Celebrate everything you have built up. The Ten of Pentacles calls for recognition of our securities, supporters, and sources of power. In doing so, you encourage them to be with you and invite more supportive energy to your world. Immerse yourself in what you have made in your life.

Sagittarius: 6 swords

Tarot card with 6 swords. There are six golden pens on a blue and white background and a diamond on the front wheel.

Owned by Hurst

Not all farewells are sad or difficult. Some are timely, necessary and healing. You’re ready for the new horizon, so this week brings just such a farewell. Six of Swords empowers you to take the last break of the week. Know that this is the right time.

Capricorn: Justice

Tarot card justice, showing a golden picture frame and hands reaching out to catch a teardrop-shaped diamond over a dark starry sky

Owned by Hurst

Justice requires you to accept your supreme self and act with dignity, elegance, and tenderness. No matter what happens, don’t sink to the lowest level. Stand up, raise your head high and walk. Listen to your conscience and act in a way that you will not regret or apologize for. Let Karma take care of this turmoil. You just take care of yourself. Go high and you will be rewarded later.

Aquarius: The High Priestess

The High Priestess Tarot Card. There is a red lipstick and diamond earrings on the lower half of the black woman's face, and a full moon behind.

Owned by Hurst

Take your time for thinking, meditation, contemplation, and mindfulness during a busy week. It can mean using guided meditation videos, taking a careful walk, listening to music, or journaling. Whatever it is, set aside time to get in touch with your subconscious. The High Priestess promises that it has something useful, insightful, and worth saying. There are insights waiting to emerge, you need to quiet enoguh yourself to hear them.

Pisces: Devil

Devil's Tarot Card, showing both hands making devil's horns on the slightly smiling lips of the starry sky

Owned by Hurst

Think of the biggest bad habits you give yourself, self-limiting beliefs, or negative repetitive behaviors. It’s tired and tired of what you do, but it seems you can’t stop. The devil has given you the determination and motivation to kick it to the curb. Identify what needs to be changed and replace it with an absorbent and positive one. By the end of this week, you will be able to get rid of it forever.

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