What does the lunar sign mean in astrology, what does my lunar sign mean?

Forget your constellation!When it comes to love, sex and much more, you really should be watching Your moon sign.

You knew from the time you first read your horoscope Your constellation, This is defined by the position of the sun on the day you were born. (You may know it as your “constellation” or just your “constellation”.) Your constellation is inevitable because it depicts the kind of light you have come to illuminate the world. Is important. But when it comes to digging deeper into the composition of astrology, Moon Say more about what’s underwater.

Specifically, your lunar sign represents the sign of the constellation where the moon was placed at the exact moment of your birth. Your moon sign awakens your night identity while your sun sign portrays your daytime persona.

Signs of the Moon: Unleash the power of your inner light

As detailed in my book Signs of the Moon: Unleash the power of your inner light, Your lunar sign tells you how you grow up and feel loved, and how you behave in a closed room. It is related to your emotional landscape, your fears, and your subconscious. Explore the sign of your moon teeth All Regarding the type of connection you make. It details your needs and the non-negotiable ones.For all these reasons, some astrologers have your constellation Genuine you.

If you were born at night Or, if for some reason you don’t equate it with the constellation of the Sun, your lunar constellation may be even more appropriate when you understand your inner abundance.

If you don’t know your moon sign, check out free natal chart calculators like them Cafe astrology Also Co-starring.. Keep in mind that the moon moves fairly quickly in the sky, so having an accurate date of birth will give you the best results.

This is what your lunar sign means:

If your lunar sign is Aries

When it comes to relationships and emotions, you’re fast and furious! You know who you like and how to chase them. However, independence and action are required to remain interested.If not, romance is short-lived and you are heading for your next love favorite That. Good sex and adventure are indisputable to you and need to be addressed as soon as the problem surfaced. When you’re feeling down, you can get back to normal with intense sweat training.

If your lunar sign is Taurus

You are a strong, reliable and habitual creature. Your home is probably a beautiful den full of features designed to nourish your sense of hunger. Good food, good wine, and good companions are indisputable for you, as joy will be the central stage of your life.More than sexy, you Sensual And when you are there, you are there for a long time. When you’re feeling down, making art and resting is a reliable activity to rejuvenate your energy.

If your lunar sign is Gemini

Curiosity and emotional stimulation are important to you. Because you process emotional material through your mind. You are a master with written or spoken language. They allow you to come into contact with your inner self. You are attractive and can easily adapt to any new situation. In fact, versatility is one of your superpowers. When it comes to love and sex, you need an intellectual relationship. An interesting combo acts as a foreplay.

If your lunar sign is Cancer

Emotions are your specialty. You know what others are feeling and sometimes find it difficult to express. You are a psychic, love peace, and have strong ties with friends and family. However, it can be difficult to forgive or forget. In every aspect of your life, you are a tenacious, fierce defendant of your loved ones. When mood swings, self-care is a way to turn deep emotions into positive behavior.

If your moon constellation is Leo

You have a big heart and were born to shine, but you are smart when choosing an audience. Your incredibly colorful inner life requires creative self-expression, and your light stimulates the way to others. High passion, romance, and sometimes drama is your MO and you never do things along the way. When it comes to love, you are no less than a queen or king and treat your partner with the same warmth and care you receive.

If your moon sign is Virgo

Analyzing emotions comes to mind naturally, but emotions can only be understood and fully processed when they are really relaxed. You can thrive when you have a stable routine because you can organize your life, and perhaps even the lives of others. You love helping others and the people around you worship this giving side of you. When it comes to love and sex, it’s not self-critical and it’s hottest when you’re not confident.

If your moon constellation is Libra

Seeking harmony between the beauty of your environment and your interactions is uplifting. You are the charm that everyone loves! You are beautiful and know it. And if you balance the other half, it will probably prosper. However, when the drama arrives, it can hide and cause disillusionment. Artistic is your superpower and you have entered this world to beautify everything you touch.

If your lunar sign is Scorpio

Emotional strength is yours and part of your journey is to learn how to master your inner life. You have a powerful inner night vision that allows you to pinpoint the true intentions of people from a mile away. You may be shy and hard to know at times, but you are incredibly strong and street smart. When it comes to love, you crave true, deep intimacy-or you rather want to be alone.

If your lunar sign is Sagittarius

Optimism is your superpower — you trust and know that things will work. And you’re lucky, so most of the time they do! You are a wanderer in nature, and when it comes to relationships, freedom and space are indisputable. Like you, you need a partner who is hungry for adventure and knowledge. In a sense, you have come to bring happiness and light to the world. There is no pressure!

If your lunar sign is Capricorn

You are ambitious and may be spending a lot of energy building something meaningful that will withstand the challenges of time. Emotional proficiency is your specialty and you are dedicated to learning how to express your emotions. Falling in love, you are a trusted and dedicated partner to play for keep. You don’t mind sacrificing time and energy to keep your pe happy, and they worship you for it!

If your lunar sign is Aquarius

You approach emotions through an intelligent lens. It may disappoint some people, but it certainly helps you and others see things from a distant point of view. You are a big thinker and need to be surrounded by wise people. After all, you put others on your toes and enjoy being challenged. You are a social butterfly, but you need time alone to ponder the mysteries of the universe.

If your lunar sign is Pisces

Fantasy and imagination color your emotional landscape, and you probably spend half your time away from contact with reality. You are an artist in nature and it is these moments that you find your creativity and inspiration. You are a microcosm of compassion because you are very perceptual and can easily understand the pain of others. However, it is important to have clear boundaries when protecting soft interiors.

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