What The Heck Is Slugging?

Slugging isn’t new, but teeth wherever. After all, we are in the peak season of slugging, where the skin tends to be the driest, and methods such as slugging work overtime to trap water in the skin.For those who have never experienced the pure chaos The joy of skin care Tiktok, slugging, is where you hit an obstructive product (usually an ointment) as the final step in your skin care routine. We are talking literally vaseline choked on your entire face (or wherever you happen to be dry). Skin care obsessions curse it, and everyone else … well they’re not so sure. But don’t be afraid! You can also ride the trend of extra-base hits. Below is a guide to getting started with slugging, even if you’re scared.


Slugging is convenient and uncomplicated. If you don’t need to walk around all day wearing a goup’s reflective veil, start at night. Cleanse first and then continue with the rest of the night routine as usual. If you’re in tune, you’re in tune, if you’re serum, serum. Active ingredients (choose retinol, acids, heavy duty ingredients) can also be used, but it is advisable to test a small area first so as not to irritate the skin. The overall purpose of Slugging is to bring things closer to the skin. I don’t want to learn the difficult way that trapping 10% AHA under a thick cream can be harmful to the skin. But! You may be okay to do this too … it’s the skin, everyone is different.

Once the toner, serum and cleanser are out of the way, you absolutely need to moisturize. This is very important. The thick blockages you use to “slug” aren’t going to give you the extreme damp work you’re looking for.What it really does is make your moisturizer Under Keep moisturizers and water molecules close to your skin and do your best. Only after adding a moisturizer will you hit the blockage from above. Let’s call this a slugger. Wondering exactly what to use?


If you’re scared of super-thick goose on your face, this is where you have to wear your big boy’s pants. Proper slugging jobs require obstruction. This is a product category or component. “Stays on the surface of the skin and slows evaporation.. “The main ingredient of petrolatum, Aquaphor When VaselineIs the most widely known plosive. It’s thick, sticky and gets the job done. However! They are not your only option. Replace it with something that is a little thin and non-greasy. You will still notice the result.Some good lazy people to hate ointments are from Weleda Skin food and again After the bomb, Made by ITG friends on the other side of the office. These options are lightweight side closures designed to be more user friendly. Also, it doesn’t matter which plosive you choose. Always use a small amount of bean size. Warm it by hand first and tap it on your skin as advised by Dr. Howard, a beloved dermatologist in New York. Sleep like a glossy donut and wake up with a comfortable and moisturized face.


A final note to consider: Slugging is not suitable for everyone. Skip slugging if your skin is already oily, as the sole purpose of slugging is to trap water in your skin. Your body oil is lazy for you! Also! Be careful with skin that is prone to acne. One way to do that is with a targeted approach. For example, if you know that the breakout area is the forehead, skip it. But if you tend to get ubiquitous, focus on anti-acne treatment first. Slugging is always present. May come later.

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