What to do on Mother’s Day 2022

How can you ever do very Do you appreciate everything your mom did? For example, how to put up with all the BSs and still be the number one fan, or look at you with teenage side bangs and skirt over jeans and think you are the most beautiful and stylish person. Thank you? Do they know Did it drive you to pay for your sh * t and listen without admitting you complaining for years? I don’t think it’s possible to thank mom, but we have to work hard as children. (Especially because she is still paying for my phone plan.)

And it brings us … Mother’s Day. One day of the year they were set aside to honor our mom, even though they deserve our love every day of the day. Some may call it ~ Hallmark Holiday ~, but it doesn’t hurt to use it as a reminder to make your mom feel really special. Yeah, I’m muddy. I love my mom and don’t care who knows it!

In the spirit of holidays (May 8th this year. So Save it in your brain as soon as possible), I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite proven ways to celebrate the woman who made me-35 to be exact-and those All freshly listed below for a copy. Whether it’s one or six, we hope this year we can deliver what we all want: your favorite child status and a happy mom.

For moms who are always eating and drinking …

1. Bring breakfast to bed.

Well, I swear this list will be more creative, but I Had This is a classic For, so place it first. A. Reason. Nothing feels better than eating without leaving bed. So put all your mom’s favorite brunch items in the tray and bring it to her right when she’s opening her eyes on another glorious day that she’s your mom ..Don’t forget the flowers and her fuss Brunch cocktail Of choice.

Bouquet box

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      2. Surprise her with booking your favorite restaurant.

      Book early and start your meal with ~ the best seats in the house ~ and a surprise champagne.Mom deserves to be cheerful When A table with a view.

      3. Take a cooking class.

      Mamma Mia is the time to learn new recipes! Book a date night at your local cooking school or look for a virtual cooking school that will tickle your mom’s fantasies. Cuiline Great option for interactive classes that send material kits directly to the door #loweffort.

      4. Make her favorite meal.

      You know oneWhile she looks as if you were a regular Rachel Ray, she brings all the ingredients and whisks it Or accept your role as a sous-chef and work together. No matter what, it’s best to cook at the end.

      5. Visit the winery.

      Or a brewery. Or a distillery. Whatever drink you have on your mom’s boat, go straight to the sauce and sample it. Have lunch, go to the tasting room and take 80,000 Instagram photos at the vineyard … the opportunities are endless. And if you and your mom want to “absorb” a little more than usual, your dad can always take you home. After all, Father’s Day isn’t until June.

      6. Set up your own wine tasting.

      If mom doesn’t want to leave home on a special day (I understand that), bring her a wine tasting. (Bonus: Will be much cheaper than a winery.) Fortunately, we have already created a step-by-step guide for hosting. Wine tasting partyWith hints from * wine experts * based in Napa Valley.

      ~ Nostalgic ~ For mom …

      7. Peruse the old scrapbook.

      If your mom is like me and pours her blood, sweat and tears to create an annual scrapbook of your life, show me the scrapbook that said with a little respect for this Mother’s Day .. Sit down on the couch, turn pages with her mom, and remember the good times you spent with her. If your mom wasn’t interested in scrapbooking, scan your old photo albums instead.

      8. Visit your favorite places in the past.

      Was there an ice cream shop she loved near your old house, or a park that always took you when you were young? Bring her back and remember her memories she made there. Then create a new one.

      9. Watch the home video.

      She didn’t shoot every second of your childhood for free! We will hold a screening (with a movie snack) to look back on the first day of school, the 3rd birthday party, and the Christmas morning of 1999. Mom with her fingers crossed reminded me to convert them all from VHS.

      10. Make her a slide show.

      Moms love to see old photos, so put together a cute Lil slideshow that you can see with them. Synchronize it with her song that reminds her of her and put on your poncho … the water is imminent. (Hint: If you’re modestly lazy and don’t want to sort hundreds of photos, you can create one with Google Photos.)

      11. Go through treasures since childhood.

      Another thing my mom did for me was to keep a “treasure chest” of all the special items I collected as a kid, from report cards to stuffed animals to flower girl dresses. If you have something similar, sit down with your mom, dig into it and make a * best * journey on a memorable path.

      ‘N’ fun mom for a fit …

      12. Take a training class together.

      5, 6, 7, 8! Throw some matching spandex and sweat with your mom by your side. Don’t hesitate ~ Go ~ If you don’t have a training class, consider giving a ClassPass gift card to allow your mom to try out some of the new studios in her area. .. We support you from the bed! (For professional reasons, this is a joke.)


      13. Go hiking.

      You heard me, hike!Let’s look at AllTrails Find the perfect trail near you and lace your hiking boots. Cute Bonus Ideas ™: Pack your picnic to have fun with when you arrive at the Killer Observatory.

      14. Ride a bicycle.

      fresh air! exercise! Nice views! Your mom is by your side! As Taylor Swift says in “Fearless,” I don’t know how much better than this.

      15. Hit the rope course.

      Team building activities with your best teammates? Let’s get it. Is your mom afraid of height? Check out the low rope course. Is she a thrill-seeker? Choose a high rope.

      16. Get a sports massage.

      #FitMoms requires a little TLC. Relieve your mom’s pain and pain by booking with her a massage appointment that focuses on her main concerns. And if you get it at the same time, it will be more fun …?

      17. Go to a sporting event.

      If your mom is stunning a particular team, get a pair of tix on a game day close to Mother’s Day. Are you wearing a matching jersey when you enter the stadium with your arms crossed? Don’t hate that idea. Let’s go to sports!

      For moms who are creative …

      18. Participate in the paint and take a sip.

      Find a local studio or enroll in a class online and then go to the wine shop as soon as possible. Soon, as Mom looks at you vaguely, she will shout “Picasso, I like it” and make a little noise with a paintbrush in her hand. fun!

      19. Participate in a ceramic art class together.

      Burn the kiln! Go to the pottery workshop and learn how to throw chic tableware that looks * performance * at each other’s house. Healthy. atmosphere. for. days.

      20. Get gardening.

      It’s time to get your hands dirty in the name of “Mother and Daughter Bonds”. If your mom has her garden, she tends to be her weeding companion for the day. Or, if her green space is a bit dull, go to the nursery with her or go to an online retail store and pick some of your favorite plants. She thinks of you every time she sees them!


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      21. Learn new skills.

      Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit? How about riding the pandemic-inspired sourdough trend? (It’s never too late!) Block Mother’s Day as you and your mom finally learn the new skills that you meant to master.

      22. Visit the museum.

      Wearing the best ~ I’m a major in art history ~ costumes, please appreciate some masterpieces like Kourtney Kardashian appreciates her bread. Spend the day and have a meal or coffee before or after. My GOSH, everyone is classy.

      23. Do nail art with each other.

      When you were young, your mom could have painted your nails for you. Now, this is your chance to give back. Get some paint colors and tools together to get tips for each other.If you need some inspo, we will cover you with some Winter nail art idea.

      For moms who enjoy being treated like a queen …

      24. Become her personal shopper.

      Do you know how to end up with a bag full of your own when you go to the mall together? And, for example, would you like to have her stand out of her dressing room so you can tell you that you look great in everything? Just me? Well, not today. Let your mom feel nice and go shopping with the sole purpose of looking at her style and refreshing her wardrobe a bit. (Disclaimer: You will see things from the corners of your eyes * you need * they will be there tomorrow.)

      25. Visit a luxury teahouse.

      Little finger, ladies!Book a spot at a coffee shop near you and get ready to launch everything Bridgerton I feel (of course, there is no hot and humid moment). White gloves are not required, but additional credit will be granted.

      26. Hit the spa.

      Is there anything better than being spoiled for the pure purpose of being spoiled? I don’t think so, and I know many moms who would agree. Mother-daughter duo with facial and seaweed rap together, stay with us! Facts !!! Alternative option: If you don’t want to pay the major $$, stay home and get treatment at home. (Under eye mask is required.)


      27. Get a haircut or blowout.

      She was there for your first haircut — now this is for you! Book your mom and me appointments at her favorite stylist or local blowout bar and request a seat next to each other.

      28. Go to a restaurant over $$ on Google.

      Whenever I say YOLO, it’s to honor the woman who gave birth to you. Pay attention to the wind (preferably) and book your table at the expensive restaurant that everyone is talking about. Just order one or two apps and you’ll experience a flashy atmosphere with the number one woman.

      29. Pop the stored bottle.

      Everyone has a * that * bottle in their bar cart.What they cannot justify opening without special occasions (even Bachelor Feely at night like one every week). Welp, time to pop it in honor of yo-yo moms. *sign Champagne shower According to LMFAO. *

      For moms who have it all …

      30. Watch her favorite movies and TV shows.

      Yes, even if it’s a cheesy soap opera or a slow-moving historical drama. If she’s excited to share it with you, take her seat and spoil her. You may like it (after all, you share DNA).

      31. Plan a trip together (or take one!).

      She’s your built-in travel companion, so dream of where you want to go next. Set a time for her Mother’s Day to plan your next mother-daughter vacation, or * actually * book a trip somewhere to celebrate that opportunity. Day trips are important!

      32. Hang out with her friends.

      Set up a hangsesh and spend a fulfilling time with the people who make the most sense to her. There’s no more time to show them why she’s proud of you 24/7!

      33. Tell her why she is wonderful.

      Simple but effective. We all know that mom hasn’t heard it enough. (ILY MOM!) Write down everything on your letter or card so you can get back whenever you need a reminder and get bonus points.

      34. Help her around the house.

      Come here for your favorite child’s status. Ask her to make a to-do list of everything she has to do and go. To. town. Get ready to wear several different caps, from tech support wizards to superstars washing the toilet.

      35. Snuggle up.

      There is nothing better than snuggling up to your mom. @ Don’t do me

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