When Is ’Outlander’ Season 5 Coming to Netflix?

If you quit all Netflix at this point (Hello, I’m) and need something new Outlander The episode is great because it’s there (yes, I said what I said), I’m with you.Seriously, a hot Scottish man wondering which other shows are helping you in the historical drama Hot and humid sex scene, And casual time travel? !! You can’t really compare anything.

Season 6 is about to premiere on Starz, but those who watch it exclusively on Netflix are far behind. Currently, only seasons 1-4 are available. And for those who have preyed on the first four seasons of the pandemic, this is a big problem. Season 4 The Cliffhanger is oversized and there are a lot of questions to answer in Season 5. Similarly, what else will happen with Brianna and Roger? And is Jamie actually going to kill Martag? And how many more trips will Claire have? !! I need to answer these as soon as possible!

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The Season 5 trailer will definitely get intertwined in the American Revolutionary War and give some clues, such as Claire worrying about Jamie’s safety, but more is needed! And, of course, you can read a summary of what happened. Because the episode was out for a while at this point, who wants to do it? !!

So when will Season 5 appear on Netflix?

Well, I don’t have some that great news: it will be for a while. Looking at the schedule when Netflix released the previous season Outlander, It’s pretty speculative that Season 5 is likely to be added in May 2022.

In the last two seasons of the show, Netflix accessed and added them just two years after it first aired on Starz. Season 3The finale aired in December 2017, and Netflix got it in December 2019.and Season 4The finale aired in January 2019, and Netflix added those episodes this month. So, assuming the streaming service stays on that schedule and knows that Season 5 ended broadcasting in May 2020, you’ll have to wait a few months to get Season 5.

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This is unfortunate because it would be nice to be able to watch Season 5 on Netflix before Season 6 airs on Starz, but at this point it seems very unlikely that it will be possible.

Well, but how do I see Season 5 this season?

For the next two months, having to wait for a new episode feels like an illegally long time. So, if you need it, it’s all on the Starz website, like at this moment (hey, I can’t tell you here!). For you to stream.All you have to do is get yourself Starz subscription Press play.And I know, I know, yet another Subscription may not be the answer you wanted, but when you have to see some hot Scottish people in the quilt, you have to see some hot Scottish people in the quilt Hmm. It’s a law!

You can also look ahead!

Great thing about Outlander (Like another sultry historical drama we love, Bridgerton) It is based on a series of books. The show is very loyal to those books, and there are still things that the show hasn’t finished yet.That is, you can read ahead all spoiler. There are 8 books, and so far I have only seen the first 5 books on TV. Follow one of the books each season.

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