Where Are the “Other” White Men?

A few years ago, the pork industry launched a campaign to promote its products as “other white meats.” It was difficult to form an alliance with a crowd that “chicken is healthier than lean meat.” Most people saw it because of what it was, a cynical trick. Today, when it comes to white men, all the sounds and anger come from a crowd of lean flesh. Senator Josh Hawley, Fly-in Ted Cruz, and Con in support of the riots. Louie Gohmert, to name a few. (No, Tucker Carlson, this is not an assault on a hamburger.)

So where are the “other” white men? A person who wears a mask, believes in gender equality (and science), raises children, and does not “babysitter” children. Workers volunteering in the community? There are many under the media radar, and many of them are in the BIPOC community.

Anyone who knows such a man, please support them! We cannot afford to remain silent about the dangers posed by the white supremacist men who dominate the news. We need to hear from “other” white men and their allies, especially in the light of the riots at the US Capitol. now.

please think about it. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson describes the riots of predominantly white male supremeists as “patriots” and conveniently attacks parliamentary police, including murder officer Brian Sicknick. Ignored and said he was not afraid.

Again, as in the mass shootings, few commentators may make explicit statements. Virtually all white supremacists in the spotlight are men, super-right infantry who pledge allegiance to the United States. “Trum publicans” haven’t disappeared since Joe Biden took office. There are no Proud Boys or Sleeper Centers. Boogaloo BoysAnd Oath Keepers.

In particular, the blinking warning light that turned red on January 6 cannot be ignored. Until or unless we admit, or do not admit, the relationship between these violent men and conspirators such as Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham, “other” white men are for President Biden’s American soul. It’s more difficult to take part in the battle. Unless the man of peace models the alternative, rebel supporters (including state supporters who pass new legislation to curb voting) will continue to be bold in looking for new hires.

It may be an inaccurate cultural shorthand to describe “former man” and President Biden as examples of old and new expressions of masculinity. Nevertheless, he is a good choice and provides a cover for white men and BIPOC allies to stand behind a platform that promotes new masculinity.

In politics, riot enthusiasts Harley and Cruz are competing for pole positions in the 2024 presidential election, forming an alliance with a former man’s base with an expression of masculinity that emphasizes toughness, aggression, and violence. “Other” white men and their allies have the opportunity to reveal how extreme their attitude is. Keeping silence is morally unforgivable. COVID-19 will eventually become managed responsibly, leaving room for another type of treatment focused on adolescents, especially boys and young men.

Young people may not yet be vaccinated, but by embodying compassion and empathy, men can be vaccinated against the trampabrican virus of coldness, abuse and violence. Prepare young people for the treatment of “masculinity transformation” and encourage parents, educators, coaches and religious leaders to develop programs that foster the emotional growth of young men.

I have long advocated the CDC headstart for preschool teachers to pilot programs to develop the emotional intelligence of boys. Perhaps now that the contrast between masculinity brands is so clear, Congress will enact a bipartisan-backed bill, the Healthy Boys Initiative.

It’s not easy. Nevertheless, there are hopeful developments. Even in the narrow world of electoral politics, the number of women who have won election offices and have been identified as cabinet secretaries is a powerful antidote to patriarchal poison. They are a four-year correction of disgraceful rants and are still audible from Trumpublicans with small loudspeakers.

Still, the empowered femininity is questionable and branded as a feminist. Although feminism simply means “a belief in political, economic and social equality between men and women,” showbinists blame it as a toxic virus. Kamala Harris is now Vice President and has shown promise for early trials of Biden’s healthy masculine vaccine, making it an essential treatment to combat the outbreak of white men. The conditions for starting administration of feminist antibodies are in place.


Rob Okun ([email protected]).Syndicate PeaceVoice, Writing about politics and culture.He is the editor and publisher of Voice man magazine.

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