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New year, new you? The effort begins in the closet. Now is the time to get rid of the slowing trend and make room for landing. You don’t have to wipe the slate completely clean, but there are certainly some style trends that have played their days ( Fast fashion Of course the purpose).

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Are you ready to free up space? This guide makes it easy to sort trends in the last few seasons.

4 style trends to maintain

1. Keep wide-legged trousers

Skinny jeans The slim silhouette is in serious dormancy, so come high-waisted wide-legged pants and their cropped cousins. From 90s-inspired flared jeans to structured cropped trousers that are conservative enough to be worn in the office, you can reach out to the full range of wide legs.

If you feel your wide legs are out of balance, try a pair of relaxed trousers and a snug also Bralet If you have the courage, be the top of the season.

A woman wearing wide-legged trousers

What is displayed above Stradivarius wide legs, ASOS relaxed daddy pantsSold for $ 32.

2. Keep your thinness

Clothing with thin sleeves and panels will dominate in the coming months. I’m glad I have a thin sleeve top that I absolutely love. And a dress with a thin panel is the answer for a blend of sex appeal and humility.

So pull out those thin panel pieces and wear them proudly. They are generally a good night choice, but your sheer can work in the sun. For something else, try a light sleeve top combined with jeans as a fun mix of dressy and casual. Receive for $ 65 at Nordstrom..

Close-up of a woman wearing a light tartan top.

Not all sheers need to be monochromatic. The top on the city schick comes in a red tartan pattern — an easy-to-wear head-turning pick over a black camisole or bralet. Receive from Nordstrom for $ 65.

3. Please keep the loafers

Your favorite loafers can stay in your rotation for the foreseeable future as long as you don’t have a heel. (Put the heeled loafers in the donation pile with the heeled sneakers.) This season you’ll see many new loafers takes, including colors, rug heels, and metal decorations. Still, your classic loafers are still right. If you want to update them, add a metal chain for glitter.

Enlarged view of a black loafer shoe with a metal curb chain.

If you feel punk Atmosphere, you can invest a modest $ 50 BCBG curve chain loafers.. Wear it with softer items such as sweaters and feminine scarves.

4. Keep the blowfish

The trend is leaning towards a creative interpretation of style, but Fugu continues to be a fashion statement this year. You will see puffer fish in bright summer colors and patterns, as well as puffer fish with long or short hem. If you want to keep wearing the basic black puffer fish for years, combine it with a bold scarf to update the look.

A model wearing a neon yellow puffer coat.

Adidas Fug Coat Neon yellow shows the evolution of this style. Puffer fish is no longer a practical garment — it is a true fashion statement in itself.

Three style trends to retire

1. Retire oversized tops

Oversized tops were popular last year, but their reign is about to end. The 2022 style is to show off your shape, whatever it is. I think it’s slinky and sexy with tight tops, crops, short hem and light cutouts.

If some large button-down shirts or shackets are hanging, save them for stacking on top of the bralet (as in the photo above ASOS) or until the baggy look reappears.

A woman wearing an olive green twisted dress.

Solid Twist Dress-19 $ Plus Shipping Buy Bernie..

2. Retire the mini bag

Them Mini bag It was just too long for a moment. After all, what’s the point of a bag that only holds travel-sized lipsticks?

Distribute those mini bags to preteen girls with a collection of dolls. Then enjoy a stylish tote bag that can hold your lipstick, phone and wallet.

3. Retire from tie dyeing

Well, it was fun to see the tie-dye grow and become more sophisticated from the roots of the 1980s. But unfortunately, the tendency for tie-dyeing is darkening again. Save these tie-dye parts for another 10 years. Next year, the colors will be fully saturated and firm — bolder in a deliberate way than tie-dye can offer.

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