Who Is the Firefly on ‘Masked Singer’ Season 7? All the Theories!

Do you hear that ominous buzz? It’s a firefly, more specifically a firefly, mask singer There is no doubt that it will be a miserable season as usual. Fireflies appear to be in Team Good (reminders, this season divided into scary things called Good, Bad, and Cudley), and her costume is best described as a combination of cute and scary things. Generally like this show!

Anyway, most of our energy is clearly reserved to figure out who the trolls of open-toed sandals are (HE HAUNTS ME), but (2) these masked Trying to decide which of the works is a house Rudolph GirianiIt’s time to chat about which Celebrity And / or a “celebrity” is trapped in a firefly costume and begs for liberation. In that memo, let’s discuss some firefly clues and theories.


Based on a simple intro package of firefly costumes Masked singer (Reposted by the fan’s account), she is “excited and ready to glow”, based on the giant glowing on the screen behind her, to have something to do with the mushroom can you see?

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However, here’s a more concise list of things to keep in mind:

  • Firefly states that she will not “flicker at this tournament.” This could mean she is a star whose fame has diminished.
  • You’ll hear a lot of “la la la la la” in this video, which literally means nothing or could be a reference to the firefly’s IRL music.
  • Fireflies are clearly singers (against actors and athletes), based on behind-the-scenes footage complaining (helping) how heavy their hips are, and then jump out into the song.
  • The first “official clue” to the firefly is a crown with a large ruby ​​jewel, she says, “I may have seen it shine with something like this.” Kate Middleton, is it you?


    Paris Hilton

    Some fans seem to think that fireflies are Paris Hilton, based on the fact that Paris spent some of her formation in this atmosphere:

    Phil McCartenGetty Images

    But here it is. The light in Paris never dims, and she’s been on the A +++ list all this time, so I’m not sure if she’ll fit.Also, I’m sure she won’t do this show, no attacks Masked singer!!

    Anne Hathaway

    Princess diary

    Disney / IMDb

    The firefly is Anne Hathaway and the crown is Princess diary Reference: (1) I am spiritually with you, (2) are you okay?Ann may be a secret Masked singer Fans dressed in insect costumes, taking the time to become an Academy Award-winning actress, sadly have to say that the chance is one in a million.



    Disney / IMDb

    Well, Brandy played Cinderella. This means that the crown reference makes perfect sense. Since she is a great singer, her spontaneous songs make perfect sense.And she has a new project to promote (she recently announcement Something special is on our way to celebrate Full moon 20th anniversary)! In other words, at this point I think Firefly is her. But there is another possibility …

    Dove Cameron

    Pigeons also make a little sense here!Fans believe the crown could be a Disney reference descendants, And the pigeon definitely has a good singing voice. But to be honest, we’ll need more clues.

    Disney Channel "Descendants 3"

    David BukkachGetty Images

    Of course, there are more clues to pour once Masked singer Don’t be afraid to broadcast the premiere of the season: this article will be updated with the latest (and frankly I’m worried, so solid proof that Anne Hathaway isn’t a firefly I hope there is).

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