Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th march

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International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women’s rights. It’s a day to recognize women’s contributions to the success of men, families, and society. This day is devoted to recognizing the ladies in your life who have influenced you in various ways. Every year on March 8th.

International Women’s Day

Why We Celebrate International Women's Day on 8th march
Why We Celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th march

How many people realize that International Women’s Day originated in America? Everyone in Europe knows that March 8th is International Women’s Day, but few in North America are aware of this special day. A woman is the most vital creature in the universe, a mother and a daughter. Whence arose International Woman’s Day? What does it mean globally?

International Women’s Day is a significant worldwide celebration of women’s economic, political, and social accomplishments. On March 8th, several nations combine International Women’s Day with Mother’s Day.

On March 8, 1857, women from New York’s garment manufacturers began a protest over poor working conditions and inadequate pay, and two years later formed the first union. Women protested again on March 8th in New York City in the years that followed. A convention in Copenhagen in 1910 created International Women’s Day. The next year, over a million Europeans, observed March 8th. In the US, it remembers the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that killed 140 women.

March 8th World Wide National Holiday

March 8th is now a national holiday in much of Europe, Brazil, China, Cuba, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and Zambia. This significant day honors women’s rights and equal opportunity. On March 8th, England commemorates the women who battled for the right to vote, education, medical care, divorce, and contraception.

March 8th honors women, the pleasure of life, and the will to live. On International Women’s Day, men honor their moms, spouses, daughters, and coworkers with flowers and modest gifts.

After all, women are “the world’s most attractive half.” Shouldn’t we commemorate International Women’s Day here in North America? This year, give a flower to the ladies in your life and tell them how essential they are! It never gets old!

Since there is no central organizer or objective, it is up to women everywhere to decide how to utilize it. Women in all nations are free to determine what the day means to them and what they want to accomplish. Girls’ education, female genital mutilation (FGM), maternity leave, and paid vacations are among the topics most often addressed by women in public or private.

How did IWD festivities begin?

Observed in the US on February 23, 1909. At the International Conference of Working Women in 1910, Clara Zetkin proposed that women worldwide celebrate themselves on a certain day of the year. The meeting’s over 100 women from 17 nations agreed, and so began International Women’s Day.

The seed was sown in 1909, but the first International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 19, 1911, in Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, and Germany. In 1913, March 8 was declared International Women’s Day. It was originally called “woman’s day,” but was renamed “women’s day” about 1940, and the UN endorsed the worldwide idea in 1975.

How do women across the world mark IWD?

There is no official method to mark International Women’s Day, yet women all around the world do so. In many nations, women have an official day off from paid and unpaid labor. In many nations, it is used to promote political inclusion and women’s rights. Other women use the day to commemorate great women who have campaigned for women’s rights and led the political cause of women. Generally, people utilize the day to commemorate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political rights.

After World War l

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After World War I, women began to labor outside the house in greater numbers, sometimes for less pay than males and in terrible circumstances. The women’s movement sprang out of this.

Unable to vote, a working woman’s life was made harder. The public outcry against female oppression led to the creation of International Women’s Day in 1989.

In 1909, the Socialist Party of America declared the last Sunday of February as Women’s Day, with protests and rallies demanding women’s voting, economic, and political rights.

In the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia, it has become a popular socialist and feminist celebration. Despite political authorities’ warnings that the time was problematic, a significant number of Russian working women went on strike on February 23, 1917.

The Provisional Government that seized Nicholas II’s legislative authority gave women voting rights a few days later. In the Gregorian calendar, which Russia eventually adopted, the historic strike took place on March 8th.

8th Of March

Since then, the 8th of March has been designated as International Women’s Day.

Feminism is the radical idea that women are people, “someone once said. It was revolutionary because the social and political climate at the time was so hostile to women controlling their employment, training, compensation, and treatment.

A global campaign to empower women to choose their own life choices, including marriage, career, economic and political paths, has yielded many deserved wins for women, but the fight rages on.

The options and decisions you confront today are yours to enjoy.

Talk to other women and learn from their experiences, particularly those who are older or from a different cultural background who may have been more impacted by prejudice and sexism than you have been.

Let me be clear: I am not blaming anybody or anything for my sexuality. I am blaming myself and all women for my sex.

And remember that, no matter what our differences are, we are all people first, and must conduct ourselves accordingly.

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Surprise Her on Women’s Day

Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates International Women’s Day. We should recognize the significant ladies in our lives who have made a difference just by being there and thank and adore them. The options for thanking go well beyond a letter and flowers. Create. Consider. Go beyond.

Early Morning Surprise

Surprises are fun. But nothing beats a surprise. Surprise her with morning coffee in bed. Prepare a thoughtful note for her a few days ahead, noting how her little acts of kindness mean a lot to you. Take some beautiful photos of her performing her duties. Make it a beautiful, picture-filled card. Place it on the coffee table. Dude, you’re a star

Give Her A Spa Day

I don’t care who it is. Women like spending time on their appearance. It’s not just about looks. It makes them feel wonderful, renewed. If you are dating her, sponsor her a spa day. A day at the hairdresser is a luxurious treat if she is platonic.


Giving a woman jewelry is a royal gesture. This is a diamond pendant on a platinum chain. A pendant is excellent for all ladies, but a ring is ideal for romance. Give her a diamond heart and she will give you everything.

Gifts are there to show her you care. But she will require your love and care forever. Make her day. Never forget how your life might have been without her.


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