WNBA announces multi-year Changemaker partnership with US Bank

WNBA has nominated and announced US Bank as a league change maker Multi-year partnership With the organization on Thursday. As part of the deal, US Bank will also act as the official bank of the league.

WNBA’s Changemakers platform aims to improve the player experience, support the league’s business transformation, and support the league in increasing diversity, fairness and inclusiveness. US Bank participates in former Changemaker participants AT & T, Deloitte, Nike, and Google. Signed last season..

Starting this WNBA season, US Bank will create a program to provide current and former players with access to financial resources and enhance financial education across the country.

It will also implement a new league-wide financial wellness program to give players access to financial advisors, perks and resources to create a roadmap for the future. The arrangement includes network and mentorship opportunities, internships and training seminars to help players prepare for financial success.

“US Bank’s support as a WNBA changemaker was what we envisioned when we created this platform. US Bank divides our mission to support players and leagues in an unparalleled way. We are pleased to share it, “said Cathy Engelbert, WNBA Commissioner. “One of the key elements of this partnership is the idea of ​​creating a financial education program that not only helps WNBA elite athletes during play, but also helps them prepare for long-term success beyond the courtroom. The US Bank has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to emphasizing players as role models and community leaders and looks forward to working with them to move the WNBA forward. “

“At US Bank, we are focused on empowering female leaders, building wealth, and creating access to diverse communities,” said Andy Cecere, Chairman, President and CEO of US Bank. “We look forward to having a positive impact on women’s basketball as a WNBA change maker by not only expanding the sport, but also focusing on social change with these other great supporters. increase.”

As part of the partnership, the WNBA and US Bank will work with nonprofits to develop programs aimed at improving the financial health of young women in poorly serviced areas, especially those of color. It will provide access to professionals in different industries for those who are eager to own their own business to help them achieve their careers and financial goals.

Kate Quinn, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the US Bank, said: “Together, we strive to promote equity through financial wellness and education that is part of the USBank Access Commitment ™, a long-term approach to building wealth and creating opportunities for diverse customers and employees. . “

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