World Leaders Should Champion Gender Equality

Women’s rights, including the right to live free from violence and to make decisions about their bodies, lie in the reactionary cross in a way that hasn’t happened for decades. These attacks come from all sides, whether in a dictatorship or an established democracy like the United States.

On October 1, world leaders of this year’s Virtual United Nations General Assembly have the opportunity to help recognize and neutralize this threat. High level event About gender equality and empowerment of women and girls.

The groundbreaking 1995 Beijing 4th World Conference on Women strengthened “women’s rights as human rights” with a strong vision. Action blueprint..In that 25th Evaluating wedding anniversary, the progress achieved and the challenges ahead is a mixed movement of both exciting and demanding.

The gender equality movement has broken norms, introduced laws that respect rights around the world, and has significant access to education, health, work, and individual freedoms for women, girls and gender-incompatible people in many areas. It’s exciting because I changed it to. for example, The number of girls out of school has decreased by 79 millionBetween 1998 and 2018, there are currently 155 countries Laws to deal with domestic violence..

In other areas, great progress has been made, but it is simply too late or not enough.For example, the global maternal mortality rate 38 percent between 2000 and 2017.. However, the goal is to eliminate preventable maternal mortality, most of which are preventable. Inequality in access to health care is terrible across national borders. Women and girls living in armed conflict, And the whole Race, ethnicity, class.. The right of women and girls to access and claim property. Marriage property Also InheritanceStill late.

Women’s representatives in economic and political power positions are moving at the speed of glaciers. The Gender Gap in Labor Participation It has stagnated at 31% in the last 20 years. 2019, Women occupied only 25% of the parliamentary seats and 21% of the ministerial status. Globally. In a clear symbolic example, 47 male speakers spoke on the first day of this year’s UN General Assembly, and the first woman, President Zuzana Chaptowa of Slovakia.

As gender equality activists, we feel that the road ahead is tough, not only because we face the daunting task of moving forward, but also because we oppose strong attempts to regain the rights of women and girls. I am. The trouble is that if the government today sits together to plan a new platform for women’s rights, it is unlikely that they can agree on something as progressive as what was negotiated 25 years ago. ..

An unforgettable story of Margaret Atwood’s reproductive slaves The handmaid story It doesn’t look more like fiction than real-life shades.Real-world examples include a horrifying explanation of the bride’s trafficking China Try to Effectively eliminate access to safe and legitimate abortion In the United States. Fifty-eight countries have signed a joint statement in the US Draft that superficially supports the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On the surface it looks innocent enough, but the goal of the US statement is actually quite ominous.

It aims to promote a committee on the Trump administration’s inviolable rights, a regressive movement that attempts to undermine the universality of all human rights.Especially it Downgrade rights Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people and women’s and girl’s rights, including access to sexual and reproductive health services. The list of countries that essentially support the Trump administration’s attempts to redefine its rights includes countries with a terrible or worsening record of women’s rights, such as Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. is included.

Activists are under attack.A staggering number of male politicians Sexist, sneaky remarks About female leaders and gender equality.Women’s human rights advocates Face increasing threats Their physical and online security, and their Ability to organize and fund gender equality work..

Gender-based violence continues in homes, workplaces, communities and conflicts, conquering women, girls and gender-incompatible individuals while strengthening the structure and privileges of patriarchy.Governments often Failure to protect Lesbian, bisexual, queer, transgender women From violenceSomehow domestic violence, Police violenceAlso Community violence.. 1 in 3 women Experienced lifelong sexual and domestic violence around the world 38 percent of women were killed Killed by an intimate partner. Despite many resolutions and commitments to “women, peace and security,” the prevention and response to gender-based violence in conflict remains terribly weak.

The Covid-19 pandemic is with Beijing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on Gender equality..Made by women 70% of frontline healthcare professionals, And often play the most unstable and unprotected role — home care assistants, cleaning staff, community health workers, and nursing home staff. Long-term care is disproportionate to women and girls, burdening their participation in education and employment.Report Domestic violence is on the rise Blockade in many countries, service like that Shelter Psychosocial – mental health – or legal support remains severely underfunded. In many cases, the services that exist do not have access to or consider the specific requirements of older women. Woman with a disability..

What worked and where should gender equality advocates invest? The greatest hope comes from the diverse movements that have exposed gender injustice and fought for change. Despite coordinated political opposition, advocates of sexual and reproductive rights have successfully liberalized abortion law. Dozens of countries..Domestic workers are mobilized at national and global levels to expose, promote and win labor and other abuses. International standardAnd translate them into National reform.. #MeToo movement Transformed public debate We have begun a lasting momentum to change social norms, support survivors and demand accountability for sexual violence.

What should the government do? They need to recognize that women’s rights are not secondary, but essential in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the impending recession, armed conflict, elections and climate change. It is imperative to address the gender implications of these issues, promote women’s leadership and back up their commitments with real financial resources and political will at all levels.

twenty fiveth The anniversary of the Beijing Conference may have been a celebration of progress rather than a solemn assessment of current and future dangers. The October 1 Government Conference could give reasons for hope by working on new, measurable and concrete actions backed by dedicated resources and timelines to promote the development of gender equality. increase. It’s time to support gender equality.


Nisha Varia is the following Women’s Advocacy Director. Human rights watch..

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