Zendaya Opens Up About Her Return to Music After TV Success

Zendaya has returned her toes to the music industry.

About 10 years after her self-titled album, Multihyphen returned to music production. Euphoria Labyrinth, the composer of the songs for the second season of the HBO drama. The star cowroted two songs from the season 2 finale of the show, which aired last Sunday.Tired“Play end credits and”Elliott’s song, “The new character Elliott sang to Lou in the expansion scene. (Z also sang the backup vocals in the soundtrack version of “The Song of Elliott.”)

On Friday, a former Disney star thanked her fans for their warm welcome to the song and called her work on the track a “little little toe dip” into the music.

“I left music a long time ago for a variety of reasons, but I still really love it. The kindness and support I’ve received with just a little step into music over the last few days is an absolute world for me .. Thank you < 3 "she wrote.

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I also sang the stars Euphoria’The first season in the final scene to stop the show, the track called “All of Us” was written only by Labrinth. The day after the finale aired, she praised London-raised musicians on Instagram. people..

Thanks for allowing me to write, create and share spaces with you in this very special song. We learn a lot from you every time we work. I’m excited about what’s coming, “the actress wrote in her Instagram story.

The KC undercover The star began singing at the beginning of his career and earned credits for Kidz Bop and Disney’s soundtracks. Shake it! .. In 2013 she released her self-titled debut on her only album, the lead single “Replay”.She didn’t talk directly about her reasons for leaving her music, but in 2019 she shared her thoughts on the music industry. Paper magazine interview.

“I think so [music] The industry robs you of a bit of passion, “she said. “It dries you a little. What you wanted, what you don’t want anymore, [especially] When I think about what I had to deal with in the music industry. “

She added: [the entertainment] The industry is common, but most are in the music industry. Look up these contracts, every word, and don’t sign anything that isn’t worth it. You are worth more than they say you are. “

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