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I’m not going to lie: The fact that there is a love celebration holiday in February is worth the joy.No i’m not talking Valentine’s day.. Ayo Handy-Kendi was founded in Washington, DC in 1993. Black Love Day, Held annually on February 13th (check the link for more information on this year’s celebration and where to send donations). The goal of Black Love Day is to reveal peace, end violence, end black self-loathing, end white supremacy and racism.And in words African American Holiday Association“If you are not black, it is recommended that you show your love to act on blacks by engaging in your own racial attitudes and behaviors.”

Of course, black love celebrates every day of the year. Like Valentine’s Day, Black Love Day is a good day to set aside extra time to enjoy love. BTDubbs, this year’s Black Love Day is Sunday, so unlike Mondays, we have dating time between breakfast, brunch, lunch, drinks and dinner.

Astrology for Black Love Day in 2022 is quite difficult.The moon is culturally worrisome Constellation of cancer.. Cancer placements look pretty modest and can often maintain themselves, but when you start them about what is culturally important to them, you find them very loud. prize. Moon in Cancer brings sentimental vibrations to this holiday and provides an ancestral company on the day we go out. In addition, the Moon of Gunn opposes Capricorn’s Venus and Mars, reminding us not to be fooled by disgust and outdated beauty standards. Black Love Day has been celebrated for 29 years and being black is a reminder of its beauty.

Read your Black Love Day horoscope:


Spend time thanking the people around you, your acquaintances and members of the community. Sometimes the most noticeable are compliments from someone you may not be familiar with. Please be respectful. I’m sure there is no problem. Think of a digital Black Love Day date. Then you may be amazed at the results.


Even if you want to escape to Nairobi or Kingston, you may find it difficult to travel during this time. Use your imagination and take the time to stay. Try new recipes and support black-owned restaurants to get a satisfying black love day. Don’t feel the pressure to date. Self-love is just as effective.


Intimacy to you seems to openly share your cultural perspectives and views with others. Even if the other person doesn’t have exactly the same background as you, you’ll be amazed at how much you share with someone. Take the lead and take your time with an open mind. Soulmates don’t have to hurry.


Lead by self-compassion. Much of your energy is directed towards your friendships and partnerships. It’s your noble and sweet. When prioritizing your intimate relationships, make sure you are also opening up my time. Enjoy bean pies and coconut drop candies. By soothing sweet teeth, the taste of life becomes very sweet.


Black Love Day can be a little overwhelming because you feel you have to manage multiple tasks. Respect your hustle and bustle and don’t forget to take the time to relax and enjoy your love. There is someone near you who wants to go out on a date. If you can make time for them, you should.


Whether you are single on Black Love Day or not, the stars are in your favor. Consider taking yourself out or having an evening with your friends. Black Love Day certainly triggers a cool conversation because you don’t know who you’ll come across. Connecting culture with strangers is a great way to flirt.


Home and life responsibilities are pulled by your coattail. Thankfully, Black Love Day is not about ignoring your family. In fact, celebrating with your family and sharing your holidays with your family is a great way to build a spiritual bond. Be open to conversations about anti-blackness and show kindness when faced with unpleasant commentary.


Scorpio, you may be trying to dodge love. The stars suggest that you are actually supposed to be more open to it. There is no need to extend beyond boundaries. Consider a cute home date. Ordering from a local Jamaican or soul food restaurant is a great way to add spice to your life.


The opportunity to open up is approaching, but are you ready to be sentimental? It can be difficult to talk to others about culture and heritage. Especially if it’s not properly explained positively. Don’t think too much about sharing your story — a compassionate soul will want to hear.


Take Black Love Day as a personal holiday to treat yourself. If it’s your style, your closet definitely has space for a unique ensemble to talk to your heritage. If you can make time for a date, that’s even more reason to spend time ruining yourself. You can find the best fulfillment by supporting local community members.


What comes to your mind when you think of Black Love Day? This day is calling on you to be in harmony with your spirit. Pay homage to those who have come before you through today’s journaling, spoken language, and memory rituals. A day at home looks like the way to go!


Black Love Day is a moving holiday. If you are new to it, please try to learn it. You can stir your imagination by dressing in art created by black visionary people. Coloring with lovers and friends is a great way to spend this holiday, even if you only have time to color half a page during a video hangout.

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