20 Spring Wedding Colors — 20 Spring Wedding Color Palette 2022

Whether you are planning yourself wedding (Congratulations!) Or just peruse for inspiration at 3am (being there), spring is one of the most exciting seasons when it comes to wedding color schemes. After all, spring is the time when flowers bloom and the trees boast the most green leaves (* le sigh *). Lots of bright shades! And they happen to look incredible as the background of any ritual. Needless to say, these colors serve as the main inspiration for wedding decoration. Thank you, Mother Nature!

Since you created the Pinterest board 10 years ago, you may know what the colors of a spring wedding will look like. Or maybe you’re just looking. literally Where to start. Wherever you are in the planning process, you’re in the right place.Spring is probably the The most colorful season, yYou can choose from an infinite ~ color palette ~. Or, at least, it gives you a great excuse to kneel at the wedding inspo for the next hour.

So go ahead and load allergic drugs, bb, because we’re all jumping Spring.. Here are 20 (seriously clean) color palettes to make your wedding an event to remember (and post on Instagram).

(Of course, there are perks in all seasons, therefore. Summer wedding Also Winter wedding, There are also some seriously nice color schemes for them. )


Sky blue and garden pastel colors

spring is the Flower season.And if that colorful vibrancy is the reason you chose to get married at this time of the year, you Must I have a pretty floral pastel as your color scheme.


Sky blue and garden pastel colors

Spring pink pastel color invitation

Are these gorgeous flower invitations the cutest you’ve ever seen?


Sky blue and garden pastel colors

Glass candlestick holder

Everyone praises About these colorful glass candlestick holders. But what’s the best part? You will be able to easily reuse them as home decor in your space!


Copper and cream

Or, if your style is more neutral, choose this stunning copper and cream combination. Warm, cozy and very elegant.


Copper and cream

Rocket wedding invitation

Show off your copper and cream color scheme in this sophisticated wedding invitation design.


Copper and cream

Satya + Sage 5-oz blessed candle

Are you thinking of a goody bag idea? Your guests will be very impressed with these sentimental candles.


Warm mauve and amber tones

This is a power couple. Dusty pink and warm amber. romantic. What is dreamy, yet classic and sophisticated, something you shouldn’t love?


Warm mauve and amber tones

Metallic border

You don’t have to get the most out of your invitation. Keep it simple and chic with this elegant option.


Warm mauve and amber tones

Taper candle

Still, I love affordable candles that look super luxurious. Your tablescape is becoming very Pinterest-enabled.


Calm purple

If you wanted a whimsical and elegant look for your reception, the muted shades of purple are the way to go.

11 11

Calm purple

Lillian Lavender Wedding Invitations

These invitations not only hit the purple notes, but are also provided as a set. So if you need an invitation, attendance card, and detail card, you’ll get it all in this beautiful bundle.


Calm purple

Lavender orchid napkin ring

Do not underestimate the aesthetic power of beautiful napkin rings. This lavender run is just too good. In addition, take a look at price tags under $ 10. Think of it as having set the location.


Tangerine orange and red

Don’t be afraid to be bold in your wedding aesthetics! Red and orange are gorgeous pop colors that go well with neutral. Therefore, if you have switched between bright shades and earth tones, choose this palette. both..


Tangerine orange and red

Rose garden

Make every match match with these colorful invitations.


Tangerine orange and red

Dried pampas stems

Accent your super-saturated flower arrangement with Pampas grass. It adds some edges and dimensions to the look!

16 16

Champagne and marigold

Champagne? Please say it sparingly. This brilliant combination of yellow tones and silky shades that resemble your favorite bubbles is a fresh take on a traditionally neutral palette. Add some pink and mauve and take the whole shebang home.

17 17

Champagne and marigold


Whether you use these gorgeous floral patterns as bridal party bouquets and / or table decorations, you won’t lose them.

18 18

Champagne and marigold

Champagne wedding program

This champagne wedding program is a luxurious AF and is perfect for a spectacular spring wedding.

19 19

Bronze and terracotta

Do we all feel strangely cozy while looking at this setup? This warm, easy-to-bright duo may not scream spring! But it’s perfect for those who don’t like pastel or want a more sexy and unique restaurant atmosphere.


Bronze and terracotta

We are very pleased that you are here Welcome to the wedding

Welcome guests with this chic terracotta welcome sign.

twenty one

Bronze and terracotta

Bronze candle holder

Yeah, your tablescape certainly needs these candle holders to add an atmosphere.

twenty two

Peach and slate blue

this Dreamy pairing Formally Added to my wedding Pinterest board (it’s a secret, sorry). Why can’t you fall in love with such a cheerful colorway?

twenty three

Peach and slate blue

Estelle Color Wine Stemware

Who doesn’t want to drink wine from these pink beauties all night?

twenty four

Peach and slate blue

Slate blue hand torn napkin

The slate blue fabric is very dreamy.

twenty five

Clean white and shamrock

If you are interested in a simple and timeless look, you will never make a mistake with the shades of clean white and soft green. FWIW, greens are much cheaper than flowers, so you might leave more money to foam!


Clean white and shamrock


I love this bouquet as a highlight Also While walking down the aisle.


Clean white and shamrock

Green leaf invitation

If you are hosting a wedding surrounded by nature, choose this green-decorated invitation.

28 28

Sakura and fuchsia

Like love, there is no limit to the shade of pink. (Cha! But really!) This palette would be great for weddings around Valentine’s Day.


Sakura and fuchsia

Sweet Surprises® Bouquet

The fuchsia pink pop in this flower arrangement is very good.


Sakura and fuchsia

Blossom program

Offer guests this whimsical and dreamy program to peruse during the ceremony.


Ivory and emerald

Another simple palette with a rustic feel, this combo is perfect if you want to add freshness to your early spring wedding. It ’s very romantic, is n’t it?


Ivory and emerald

Ceramic vase

For a funky (but still chic) ​​atmosphere, this vase takes a cake.

33 33

Ivory and emerald

Champagne coupe stemwear

Champagne toast with these cute glasses? Symbolic.


Peony pink soft blue

Some people see Easter. I saw a March wedding that I * really * want to attend. If you are a maximalist (more often people), you will see your centerpiece on such a delicate floral tablecloth.


Peony pink soft blue

Bouquet of peony

These throat flowers can serve as both decorations When Post-wedding souvenirs.


Peony pink soft blue

Blue & Blush Rose Floral Watercolor Wedding Invitation

You can’t beat a gorgeous floral wedding invitation.

37 37

Indigo accent candy color

Feeling Alice in Wonderland-meet-Bridgerton, And suddenly I need a luxurious Jordan almond-shaped chair. Bookmark this.


Indigo accent candy color

Bubble soy wax candle

Mix these bubble candles with a classic taper to create a modern and trendy atmosphere.

39 39

Indigo accent candy color

Italian retro cocktail glass

The retro aesthetic of these glasses is actually a * chef’s kiss *.


Shade of blue

Dresses in different shades of navy, slate and sky give you a lot of blue stuff. It also removes the pressure from finding the perfect blue accessory for your tablescape. All blues are allowed!

41 41

Shade of blue

Velvet ring box

These ring boxes feel straight like a fairy tale.


Shade of blue

Ceramic light blue glossy vase

This is written pretty elegantly.


Daisy white, butterscotch, brick

This color palette is as magnificent as hell. Again, it’s not your typical pastel fest, but that’s what makes it great, isn’t it?


Daisy white, butterscotch, brick

Spring rustic table number

If you are hosting a rustic spring wedding, you need These stunning table numbers.

45 45

Daisy white, butterscotch, brick

Double Crispin

And while you’re in it, add this amazing bouquet to your list as well.


Sand, beige, caramel

More to neutral? You have reached your dream color scheme. Complementing the elegant and ivory gown, featuring these tanned tones at the event will definitely make you a cool bride.

47 47

Sand, beige, caramel

Modern wedding table number

Neutral table number for age.


Sand, beige, caramel

DIY Balloon Garland Arch Kit

Take it to the next level with the over-the-top balloon arch at the reception.


Teak and vanilla

To tell the truth, classic pinky mauves are always stylish. If you’re scared to get hooked on a wedding album 10 years from now, this is for you.


Teak and vanilla

Wedding welcome sign

This welcome sign is just as adorable and trendy.


Teak and vanilla

Bridesmaid proposal box

Peek into the colors of your wedding at a bridal party with this bridesmaid proposal box.

52 52

Gold accented pearls and melons

Just looking at this picture makes me feel elegant. If the mood you’re looking for is like a vintage cocktail hour, I’m going to say it’s IT.


Gold accented pearls and melons

Foundation vase

Imagine the glittering light that reflects off these babies.


Gold accented pearls and melons

Marble menu

It’s all in the details, people-and it includes a great menu design.

55 55

Dusty rose and sage

Choosing different shades of pinkish red gives you (and your bridesmaid) a lot of flexibility. And popping a soothing green hint adds a bit of depth to keep things interesting. By the way, your flowers will be in the canyon.


Dusty rose and sage

Wedding table number

These wedding table numbers are very sophisticated, modern and definitely a must.

57 57

Dusty rose and sage

Minimalist sage green wedding invitation

I love the idea of ​​previewing your wedding colors in your invitation.


Cream sicle, canary, rose water

This trio of bright shades is the epitome of spring. The sweet and faint pink combined with orange and pink pop is bright and festive — and why am I craving for sorbet?


Cream sicle, canary, rose water

Taper candle

Setting these tapers on the table makes it easy to get pop colors.


Cream sicle, canary, rose water

Amor bridal bouquet

Flower sunshine color? Yes, pls!

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