There is no retrograde planet 2022, how to manifest in astrology

This is not a drill! From February 3, 2022 (5:13 ET to be exact), all planets in our solar system will go straight to the sky for the first time in almost a year. That is correct-No retrograde!!

This is important. This is because during this time there is less resistance to the goal and it will be easier to do. Practice manifestation.. However, these bright, clear, empty windows are only three months old, so it’s important to act quickly. From now until April 29, 2022, when Pluto’s retrograde begins It’s time to take action.

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I see, how can I specify something?

So what teeth Symptoms Exactly? Simple: Intention + Action + Energy = Result. Let me explain it in a little more detail.

Symptoms It is the innate power that all of us must transform ideas into concrete or real.It’s like having it idea I really want chicken nuggets, so I got in the car, drove to a fast food restaurant, pulled it up to a drive-through and ordered it, and now I’m eating chicken nuggets.

Find love, get a new job, build confidence, meet new friends, keep new pets … the sky is the limit!Often when we think of intent, we result.. But the key to manifestation is Action You have to take to achieve the result. Some intents, such as eating chicken nuggets, can be achieved fairly quickly. However, larger or slightly less specific intentions, such as the pursuit of love, friendship, fame, and self-confidence, take more steps. So I also say that energy and time are important to include in your ultimate manifestation strategy.

As for the details of manifestation, there are many ways to do it. Vision boardPerform rituals like Candle magic,create Written intent or sealOr simply speak out about your goal and chase it.

Retrograde and prograde

Whenever we experience Planet retrograde * Shivering *, we always deal with delays, obstacles, hiccups, dramas, or stagnation, but the specific areas of life that this affects depend on what each planet controls and where it is in the sky. it’s different.But now that all our planets are direct Three monthsThis means that there is nothing to prevent us in any area!

So what are those intentions you want to clarify? Yeah, these are the best conditions to help them bear fruit.And life will move because no retrogression will occur fast!! By the way, when the planets are direct, they affect our lives in an outward and concrete way, as opposed to the retrograde, which often changes us internally.

What to do when there is no retrograde planet

On all planets Directly, it means the way before you become clear. This is not the time to rehash the past or stay longer with something that didn’t work before.Leverage lessons learned Looking to the future.. This is the time to move into a new realm without looking back. Put yourself there, make a plan, and create a strategy from A to Z towards your goals. Let’s move forward with confidence!

Represents love

Are you ready to see your love life, friendships, and relationships grow? Yes, astrology is still perfect for that! Whether you are strengthening your current connections or making new ones, there are currently no planetary barriers to your love life. All important promises, choices, commitments, engagements and marriages can be made in a sturdy space. Venus and Mars are especially important for romantic love. In order for the union to stay away, these planets need to be directly present in the long-term connection.

Shows career growth

Are you ready to see a promotion or get a new job? Launching new projects, making expert announcements, and signing contracts are also astrologically preferred today. This is a great opportunity to plan where you want to drive your finances, business goals, and career missions over the next few years and start working on those goals. It’s great if you decide to move your career in a whole new direction. You will have a clearer head, more focus, and a solid foundation under you. By the way, this also applies to other important life decisions such as moving or buying a home.

Make a note of these dates

This period begins on February 3, 2022 at 5:13 pm (Eastern Standard Time) and ends on April 29, 2022 at 8:38 am (Eastern Standard Time). Then the rest of the year will be filled with a sky of retrograde and less brilliant. Don’t waste this time!

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