Weekly Tarot Card Fortune-telling Horoscope, February 21, 2022

To get the most out of reading tarot cards, you don’t need to know the difference between the three cards and the spread of the Celtic cross. What you need: Your constellation! Here’s what I’m doing: Shuffle the tarot deck and withdraw cards in order from Aries to Pisces. In addition, withdraw one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice on your personality. Alright, let’s go!

Common card for everyone: 3 cups

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Are you ready for a good time? Three of Cups means you can cool the party to your heart’s content, so I’m happy to hear that. Anything that makes you feel good is exactly what is on the agenda.I play more than work this week

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Aries: Pentagram 9

The tarot cards are nine pentagonal, with diamonds and nine clocks in an arc above the eyes.

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Aries, you tend to live at that moment. But the Nine of Pentacles is showing change. This card suggests that you are serious about your long-term plans and ambitions. Specifically, we are working to revise or reach our goals. Keep in mind that current sacrifices can lead to future rewards.

Taurus: 8 Taurus

Eight cup tarot cards, showing eight golden cups in two rows

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Well, that didn’t work. What you wanted isn’t happening. That’s terrible, I know. So what do you do? The Eight of Cups says you can keep hitting your head against the wall and stick to the loss, or chalk it into a useful experience and move on. At that moment you will find something else to work on.

Gemini: 9 Hopes

Tarot cards are nine wands that show the nine golden keys that surround the moon and the eye.

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Don’t worry so much, Gemini. You are aware of the problems in your life, but you are disproportionately blowing them away. This is one of the times when your powerful imagination goes against you. The Nine of Wands promises that this issue isn’t as bad as you might think. If you plan and take action based on it, you can overcome this hurdle faster than you think.

Cancer: Seven of the pentagrams

Shows seven golden clocks on seven pentagonal tarot cards, eyes and diamonds

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Just because you’ve been doing something for a long time doesn’t mean it has to exist forever in your life. Things change, people grow, things change. There is something in your life that you are growing up with. It feels uncomfortable to admit it, but it’s true. Seven of Pentacles asks you to acknowledge this. See how to change the course and fade it out so you can focus on other things. This is evolution, not revolution.

Leo: 7 cups

The tarot card is 7 cups with 7 golden goblets on the black and white eyes

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Leo, your imagination is a rich, fascinating and exciting realm! And you lost your imagination for a while. Now it’s time for you to do something with your fantasies and ideas. The Seven of Cups encourages you to take your fantasies seriously: write them down on paper, prioritize them, and make them happen.

Virgo: King

Tarot card, the king of wands, showing the golden key on the full moon

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The King of Wands brings an atmosphere to Virgo, your world-going anything-this week. Get ready for a wild ride. You can go anywhere. Say “yes” to the invitation to broaden your horizons and try new things. I don’t know what all this activity will be, but it’s something good. enjoy!

Libra: 6 swords

Tarot card with 6 swords. There are six golden pens on a blue and white background and a diamond on the front wheel.

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Libra, it’s time to move on from what you’ve been thinking for at least the last six months. Six of Swords is a nudge that you have gone beyond this job / place / goal / relationship etc. And you are ready to move on. It’s neither sad nor difficult — it will be liberation and healing. You have been suffocating these feelings for some time because you are worried about change. please do not. It’s a good time to do this. You will not regret it.

Scorpio: Pope

The tarot card is the Pope and shows half of the woman's face next to the diamond

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Your presence is powerful, Scorpio. Your natural strengths help you join the cause and empower others. The Pope is a call to action, finding groups doing the work you believe in and asking you to join them. You can sometimes be lonely, but it’s good to interact more. Make a difference.

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Sagittarius: 4 cups

The tarot card is 4 cups, 4 golden cups are displayed in front of a huge

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Your adventurous and playful nature means you have a fulfilling life. But that also means struggling when things are a little quieter than usual. Like now. The Four of Cups aren’t grateful for all the amazing gifts of your life, seeing you get bored and dare to say. Refocus on what’s just below your nose You’re already wealthy in all important ways.

Capricorn: 6 Hopes

The tarot card is a six wand with six golden keys floating in the air next to five black and white eye cutouts.

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This week, victory is waiting for you, Cap. You can expect to get what you want — in fact, I suggest you accelerate your rewards by ensuring that you are visible to the rep. You cleaned up your ass. Now get your reward. You deserve them!

Aquarius: Knight of the Sword

The tarot card is a knight of the sword, showing a hand holding a golden pen

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Aquarius, are you ready to enter the battle? Of course it is! You were born ready. Stand up for yourself, fight back and protect the vulnerable. This all comes naturally to you. The Knight of Swords sees you succeeding in challenging the status quo this week. You are a champion!

Pisces: Three Hopes

Three wand tarot cards showing three golden keys under a pair of eyes

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Chance knocks, so make sure you’re listening this week. Do not miss it! Three of Wands means that you currently have positive yet fast-moving energies around you. All kinds of invitations and opportunities can come your way, but you need to act Variable symbolSo change and flexibility naturally come to you. In addition, you are a natural mental ill person. You will do well.

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