Weekly Tarot Card Fortune-telling Horoscope, February 28, 2022

To get the most out of reading tarot cards, you don’t need to know the difference between the three cards and the spread of the Celtic cross. All you need is a horoscope. Here’s what I’m doing: Shuffle the tarot deck and withdraw cards in order from Aries to Pisces. In addition, withdraw one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice on your personality. Alright, let’s go!

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Common card for everyone: 8 swords

The tarot card is an eight sword with eight golden pens lined up behind the two eyes.

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This tarot card reminds you that your worst enemy is probably yourself. You tend to self-destruct. The Eight of Swords illuminate this unpleasant truth and ask what you are trying to do about it. This week, look at how you can limit your potential with negative thoughts and actions. Make a note of them. Ponder them. And replace them with more positive habits. Get out of your way.

Aries: Knight of the Sword

The tarot card is a knight of the sword, showing a hand holding a golden pen

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Night cards mean challenges and tests. This is perfect for you, Aries. In fact, you thrive in competition. This particular knight encourages you to claim yourself in situations where you feel threatened or threatened. Many people don’t know how uneasy you can sometimes be because you cover it so well. Face the test this week. You will win.

Taurus: Five Hopes

Cosmo Tarot Card Shows 5 wands, 5 keys placed between 2 hands

Owned by Hurst

You are nervous, vague, and in the midst of trials. The Five of Wands admit that it was hard, but ask you to continue. The only way is to go through, but the end is closer than you think. Keep an eye out for compromises, commonalities, or just the opportunity to find a neutral space. Please do not give up. This is almost over.

Gemini: Knight of the Wand

The tarot card is a knight of wands, showing a golden key on a diamond on a circular rmap.

Owned by Hurst

It’s time to play, Gemini! You are given free reins to explore, investigate and engage in Shenanigan. Life is an adventure and you can always find fun and exciting times. The Knight of the Wand will bring you lots of openings and invitations this week. Say “yes” and enjoy the ride quality.

Cancer: Knight of the Five-Pointed Star

Five-pointed knight tarot card showing a golden clock

Owned by Hurst

I feel a little tired worldwide this week. You don’t feel like letting anyone use yourself. Your defense is justified. You are very generous and some people mistake your kindness for weakness. This has led you to conclude yourself this week, and it really helps you well. Go past the hill and find another host. Take Care.

Leo: Wizard

The tarot card is a magician, showing reaching out and touching a star-shaped diamond.

Owned by Hurst

Leo, you can change the world. You are the ultimate leader. You seem to make your dreams possible, and others are willing to buy whatever you sell. Magicians bring you just that power and energy this week, so don’t waste it. What are you inventing? What kind of dream do you express? What kind of ideas are you making? Zoom in on your heartfelt passion and bring it to life. It can happen faster and bigger than you can imagine. You are creativity — guide your power wisely.

Virgo: Sun

The tarot card is the sun, showing one eye in the middle of a star-shaped diamond

Owned by Hurst

Believe in Virgo, yourself, your ambitions, your dreams, and your potential. The sun hints that it will be together this week. When you are confident in your goals, you project a natural positiveness that gives you the opportunity to move your cause forward. Let your light shine brightly this week. Ask for what you want. Anything can happen.

Libra: 7 Hopes

The tarot card is a seven wand, reaching near the seven golden keys.

Owned by Hurst

Libra, stand up for yourself. Keep your beliefs and positions firmly. Don’t let others bully you. You are a very natural diplomat, so it can be your instinct to make things smoother than to call someone. Not this week! The Seven of Wands asks you to take the courage to fight back. You can do this. worth it.

Scorpio: 3 cups

The tarot card is 3 cups and you will see 3 golden cups on the full moon

Owned by Hurst

Cheer up, Scorpio! A good time is coming soon, so forge it until you make it. You just have to make the first effort to look like it. The Three of Cups show that your social life is about to recover. Expect events, reunions, and old friends to reach out. Ignore them and don’t close! Please go out and have fun.

Sagittarius: 2 cups

Two cup tarot cards showing two hands holding a gold goblet

Owned by Hurst

Your love life is on fire this week, Sagittarius, that’s the way you like it. Two of Cups promises passion, romance, and intense intimacy. Expect a true bond session where you can connect mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually with someone special to you. If you are single, you can get closer to your best friend … or meet a new romance.

Capricorn: Lover

Lover's tarot card, showing three lips in a starry sky with a full moon on both sides

Owned by Hurst

It’s time to decide your mind about something that has plagued you for a while. One day you will feel one way about it, and then you will change your mind. This can last for weeks … and you’re sick of it. The lovers ask you to go through the pros and cons and make a choice. There is no perfect answer, but it’s time to stop procrastination.

Aquarias: Queen of the Cup

Queen Tarot Card of the Cup, showing reaching out and holding a golden goblet

Owned by Hurst

This week, your intuition and emotions will guide you, Aquarius. The instinctual and wise cup queen asks you to notice how your body feels in different people and situations. Pay attention to your heart, your intestines, your neck, and your shoulders. Are you nervous? Or loose? Your body often understands how you really feel about something before you do your mind. So tune it.

Pisces: 6 swords

Tarot card with 6 swords. There are six golden pens on a blue and white background and a diamond on the front wheel.

Owned by Hurst

Pisces, don’t worry about moving on. It’s a good time to say goodbye, and deeply, you know it. Life is all about decline and flow. Six of Swords indicates that you need to release something that is no longer working. Continuing only creates stress and dissatisfaction. Do the right thing and let it go. It’s time.

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